Mini concrete plants - design and benefits

In the modern world, a fairly profitable business can be called the sale and manufacture of various building mixtures and concrete. This is explained by the fact that it is in demand not only in the private sector, but also in large industrial companies. And he is in demand not only during the construction season, which lasts from May to October, but throughout the year.

Mini concrete plant directly at the construction site

Chief at the construction site

During the construction of each object, concrete materials are the main material. It is believed that their production - the process is very time consuming, but in fact the manufacturing technology is not so complicated.

To prepare concrete it is necessary to mix all the raw materials only in certain proportions. If for your purposes only a few buckets are enough, you can do it yourself. However, for the purpose of subsequent sale, the production of concrete will not be possible without the presence of certain equipment.

Mobile mini plants for the production of concrete

Recently, there has been an increase in consumer demand for equipment for the industrial production of concrete due to the increasing number of monolithic structures.

Since large plants producing concrete work exclusively with large construction companies, and the demand of smaller consumers also needs to be met, a corresponding small business segment was formed. There are still few such firms and they are unable to satisfy the demand of all consumers.

For this reason, today you can easily purchase the necessary equipment and establish a small plant for the production of concrete. There is also the possibility of installing equipment on a large object and self-manufacturing concrete mix.

Mini concrete plant on wheels in the form of a car trailer


Today, the production of various mortars and concrete is possible with the help of mobile or stationary mini-plants. Mixing on them takes place in the automatic mode, they are also equipped with steam generators, allowing not to stop work for the winter period.

Low-rise construction In this case, a separate concrete mixing plant, equipped with a skip hoist, will be needed. They may have different performance, depending on the needs of the buyer.
Modern factories Such enterprises make it possible to achieve a high quality product and with a fairly good level of productivity, which on average reaches 60 cubic meters / hour.

Manufacturers complete plants and plants for the manufacture of concrete based on the needs of the buyer. The cost of the installation of a concrete mixing plant and the type of line will depend on it.

Tip: even before purchasing equipment for your own enterprise, you should carefully consider all aspects of production and decide which production line will be installed there.

Mini plant for the production of aerated concrete occupies a small area

What may be included in the mini-plant

Both at stationary and mobile mini-plants for the production of concrete mix most often used the following set of equipment:

  • metering unit for aggregates;
  • screw;
  • cement silo;
  • mixers for main and front concrete;
  • reducing agent;
  • lift;
  • plate, return and belt conveyors;
  • dispensers for measuring components;
  • rail loader;
  • Remote Control.

Чтобы можно было перевозить бетон и оборудование будет необходим автобетоноmixer.

Road mini asphalt plant

Concrete plant should have such units as:

  • warehouses for cement and aggregates;
  • ABK (administrative and household combine);
  • auxiliary unit
  • boiler room

A small plant for the production of concrete is a fully automated production system. All components and necessary components are served automatically, thereby achieving the highest quality of the final product. But, the quality of concrete produced in a large enterprise and in a mini-factory will differ.

Tip: before you start your own factory and start producing concrete, you need to pay your attention to what is the capacity of the liquid market in your region and whether it will be sufficient to ensure a steady sale of the finished product.

Автобетоноmixer мини  с самозагрузкой

Installation for foam concrete

You can purchase not just a mini plant for foam concrete, but also immediately for the production of foam blocks.

Regardless of the size, such equipment consists of certain components of several elements that are fundamentally important:

  • mixer - here all the components are thoroughly mixed together;
  • foam generator - manufactures finely porous foam that fills the cells;
  • pump - delivers the finished solution to the right place.

They should be when you make a mini concrete plant with your own hands, as well as these parts are in purchased ready-made options.

Below we analyze each element separately, based on a model for a volume of 250 liters:

  1. Mixer design - shaft, motor, gearbox and control panel. The principle of operation is simple - the engine begins to rotate the shaft, bringing the mixture to a uniform state.
  2. Генератор пены размещен в корпусе смесителя - это колба с форсунками и небольшим pumpом. Его производительность зависит от размеров конструкции.
  3. The pump is an "extension" to the body of the mini-plant. It serves to accelerate the unloading and pouring of the finished mixture into the form.
In the photo - a ready installation for the production of foam concrete

How it works

  1. Install equipment with a slight slope, so it will be more convenient to unload the mixture.
  2. Загрузите все составные части будущего раствора в mixer, при этом заводская инструкция рецепта должна строго соблюдаться. Это относится к порядку и пропорциям.
  3. Залейте воду и включите mixer, перемешав все до однородного состояния.

Совет: специалисты рекомендуют не перегружать mixer. Вы должны помнить, что приблизительно 30-40% объема будет заполнено пеной.

When mixing, it is necessary to activate the foam generator, which he will begin to add to the “common boiler” a little later. Wait for about 7-10 minutes until the unit mixes all the ingredients to the desired consistency. After that, the solution can be discharged into the formwork and forms, the price of which will be an order of magnitude lower than the purchase price.


Использование небольших заводов для изготовления бетона позволяют экономить деньги по его доставке. Кроме того, вы всегда получаете свежую смесь такого качества, как вам необходимо. Такое оборудование позволяет также наладить собственный бизнес прямо во дворе (см.также статью «Прогрев бетона: зачем он нужен и как его организовать»).

The video in this article will help you find additional information on this topic.

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