Methods of bonding materials such as polystyrene foam and

Expanded polystyrene in modern construction is considered quite popular material. The characteristics of this material allow it to act as a high-grade insulation not only for residential apartments and houses, but also for garages and other extensions.

Often, insulation of the concrete floor with expanded polystyrene is carried out after the creation of the batten, but it is not always possible to build it, and besides this design involves additional costs. In the conditions of the impossibility of creating a batten, a completely understandable question arises, how to glue foam polystyrene to concrete?

Facade insulation process

Choosing the compositions for such fasteners, one should first of all realize that various ingredients of the adhesive mass can enter into chemical reactions with such insulant and even corrode it. The second nuance that should be considered is the low level of adhesiveness of the adhesive composition. Not every glue will help to qualityly bond the surface of concrete with polystyrene foam insulation.

In addition, experts warn inexperienced masters that most adhesives are completely incompatible with these materials.

Council It is not necessary to conduct experiments with different types of adhesive mass, because such manipulations can lead to the use of a sheet of insulation and a waste of money.

Concrete and Styrofoam Bonding Methods

Layout of finish layers

One of the following methods that differ in the type of adhesive mass or the method of attachment can be the answer to the question of how and how to glue expanded polystyrene to concrete:

  1. With the help of specialized glue;
  2. With the help of dowels;
  3. With the help of liquid nails;
  4. With the help of adhesive foam.

Each of these methods differs not only in the type of fasteners of the insulation layer, they are also distinguished by such parameters as price and instructions for execution.

Method 1

Insulation inside and out

Для того чтобы на практике реализовать метод крепления пенополистирольных листов необходимо заранее убедиться можно ли утеплять газобетон пенополистиролом, используя в процессе выбранный клеевой состав, и только после этого приступать к работе (см.также статью «Выравнивание бетонного пола с помощью разных способов»).

To implement this process, you need to ensure the availability of the following tools and materials:

  • Adhesive suitable for such work;
  • Primer;
  • Cement mortar;
  • Gear type spatula;
  • Capacity for mixing glue;
  • Sheets of insulation material.

In order to proceed directly to the procedure for fixing the material surface must be prepared:

  • Greasy, dirty stains and dust are removed from the surface;
  • Places that seem looser or fragile are carefully cleaned;
  • Deep cracks and cavities on the concrete surface are filled with cement mortar.

If the glue is a dry mix, it must be prepared. Glue is created in full accordance with the instructions so that the mass is homogeneous and does not contain lumps. After preparation, the glue should be infused for 2 hours, after which it should be thoroughly mixed again.

Depending on the quality of the concrete surface is insulated, the following methods of installation of insulation can be distinguished:

  1. Wall with irregularities up to 5 cm. The glue is applied in strips in order to preserve the gaps, allowing to remove excess air from the insulation;
  2. Wall with irregularities up to 1.5 cm. The glue mass is applied in one wide strip with 2 cm indents from the edge;
  3. Wall with irregularities up to 3 mm. In this case, the glue is applied using a notched trowel. After applying the adhesive, a sheet of polystyrene foam is immediately pressed to the surface.
Work with a notched trowel

Council Excess glue protruding along the edges should be removed with a damp cloth.

Expanded polystyrene of extruded or simple type is a material that does not absorb water. It is for this reason that it is important to ensure that the adhesive mass is not excessively wet, because this will cause the material to peel off over time.

Method 2

Fixing with dowels

Утепление газобетона пенополистиролом или поверхности из простого бетона может быть произведено методом крепления утеплителя при помощи дюбелей (читайте также статью «Крышка для бетонного кольца: материалы и варианты исполнения»).

To implement this method, you will need:

  • Dowels;
  • Polystyrene sheets;
  • Sealing compound.

A sheet of insulation is attached to the concrete floor or walls with dowels at the corners of the sheet of material. It is the angular dowels that will allow each sheet to be attached at its junction to the adjacent ones.

Insulating and other technical characteristics of polystyrene foam concrete will be saved only if the joints between the sheets of material attached to the dowels, will be smeared with sealant.

Council In the process of fixing sheets with dowels, diamond drilling of holes in concrete may be required.

Begin to warm the concrete wall from the bottom. Between adjacent sheets, maintain a 3 mm wide gap. It is these gaps that will avoid sheet deformation when the temperature and humidity level change.

The price of this method of fastening is considered the cheapest, and also such installation is the simplest, which makes the method of attaching polystyrene foam to dowels popular directly to the concrete base.

Method 3

Dot application of liquid nails

This method is based on attaching polystyrene foam to concrete using liquid nails.

To implement it, you will need:

  • Styrofoam;
  • Liquid Nails;
  • Gloves.

Liquid nails are quite strong glue, many times exceeding the properties of PVA and at the same time having excellent moisture-resistant parameters and the ability to withstand severe temperature changes. As another advantage of this tool, you can specify a low consumption, because such glue should not be applied to the entire surface, but only made a few points around the perimeter and in the center.

Before you begin, make sure that you have purchased exactly the product that is suitable for the task.

Council Liquid nails contain toxic substances in their composition, therefore it is necessary to work with them only with gloves.

In the event that the concrete ceiling is being insulated, the setting time of the composition should be taken into account. Different brands have a different solidification period, which is about half an hour. You should be prepared to press the sheet to the surface for 30 minutes.

In the photo - laying material on the ceiling

Instruction for gluing insulation on liquid nails consists of the following measures:

  • The first step is to prepare the surface. Reinforced concrete should be cut with diamond circles, if necessary, as well as cleaning from dust and dirt;
  • Dry the prepared surface;
  • Several points of glue or several strips are applied on the insulation plate;
  • Put the plate on the wall and tightly pressed.

Method 4

Foam adhesive application

No less popular is the method of bonding polystyrene foam to a concrete surface using foam. In this case, we are talking about a specialized glue foam intended for application to a heater of this type.

The advantages of this adhesive composition include:

  • Simplicity and ease of installation;
  • A small period of time spent on the work;
  • Low price;
  • High quality bonding of different types of surfaces;
  • Ability to glue the foam polystyrene wall, as well as the seams between the insulation boards.

The following types of products such as foam glue can be found on the modern market:

  1. Foam for foam blocks. Such a tool has maximum adhesion characteristics and can be used as a solution for masonry piece material;
  2. Foam for foam. This mass is used for bonding polystyrene when insulating the surface from the inside, it has high fire resistance, but demonstrates low adhesion when interacting with smooth surfaces;
  3. Foam for styrofoam, has low cost and low holding capacity.

Using this tool, you can not primed the walls, but rather just clean it well and pre-moisten. Foam is applied to the surface in a staggered manner.

Council If surpluses of adhesive foam composition appear at the joints, they must be promptly removed using a specialized cleaner.


Floor insulation scheme

Используя один из представленных методов крепление пенополистирольного утеплительного материала к бетонной поверхности, любой хозяин сможет произвести своими руками утепление дома как внутри, так и снаружи. Все эти методы интуитивно понятны и совершенно несложные в реализации (см.также статью «Крышки бетонные на столбы – особенности данной группы изделий»).

The video in this article will unlock even more secrets that allow you to produce high-quality insulation of the home.

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