Machines for the production of profiled timber, their types

Construction of buildings from a profile bar, including houses and garages, is the fastest growing branch of wooden housing in the world. This is due to the exceptional features of this wall material. Together with the development of construction technology and customer requirements, machines for the production of timber are also being developed.

Machine for profiling timber


Basic principles

The complex of production of a bar consists of various multipurpose equipment. An example of such complex devices is the installation UFCH-1, on the basis of which we consider the process of manufacturing profiled products from a log.

Whatever machines for the manufacture of profiled timber are used, this process always begins with the loading of the workpiece, and the principle of the milling machine is always the basis of the processing.

The instructions for making this wall material are about the same in all cases:

  1. First of all, the billet is cleaned of bark.
  2. Then served on the cutters that define the parameters of the sides.
  3. The final stage of processing is carried out, where the product acquires the necessary section.
  4. The chuck cutter is the final step. This device performs correction of inaccurate connections, if for some reason a defect is not detected on the surface of the product.
  5. Remove the finished product.
Formation of a profile bar from a log

The whole process is continuous. Modern machines for profiling timber are fully controlled by automation, which controls the uniform feed from one stage to another. At the same time, the manufacturing technology of the material allows you to set the smoothness of the mechanisms and the feed rate of blanks to obtain a certain product quality.

Production features

Among the features of this production are the most basic:

  • In the complex, the workpiece serves only once, repeated processing is not allowed.
  • Production operates on the principle of minimum waste and efficiency.
  • The division of processing into several phases allows you to maintain the efficiency of the cutters for a long time.
In the photo - profiled timber

Profile Machines

Profile wall material is made on the equipment of the type of passage, which is, as already mentioned above, a complex set of elements. Wooden rectangular billet is the original element, which is subjected to processing the necessary set of cutters. If desired, the number and position of the cutters can be changed. In this case, it is possible to make other profile products of any cross section.

Note! When profiling a glued billet, the timber is more durable and of high quality.


SPB4 предназначен для изготовления профилированного бруса, например, лиственничного, из клееного материала или массива. SPB4 укомплектован фрезами определенного профиля или барабанами с ножами для изготовления балок с большим сечением и необычной геометрией, а также приемным и подающим столами. Его может обслуживать своими руками всего один работник.


Processing is performed using four milling blocks, which are arranged in pairs - vertically and horizontally. The geometry of the profile types are set in accordance with the characteristics of the cutters used, which are usually sold in sets.

The equipment allows the manufacture of beams with a maximum cross section of 250? 250 mm and a minimum cross section of 60? 100 m. Performance is 5 meters per minute.


This is a fairly simple device to perform profiled timber. SPB-200 allows you to perform up to four products per hour. At the same time it can be used both for planing and for profiling material. It is able to effectively process the workpiece of natural moisture and workpieces with geometric defects.

SPB-200 can produce beams up to 220 mm wide. In this case, surface treatment is performed sequentially. Among other advantages of this device is a relatively low price.

The video in this article will allow you to visually familiarize yourself with this machine during the processing of the workpiece (also learn how to insulate a house from a bar outside to create a comfortable atmosphere in it).


A feature of this device is that when it is used it is possible not to use lumber machines in the production, i.e. it can make a product directly from a saw log. Such equipment is perfect for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The minimum cross-section of the manufactured beam can be 100? 100 mm, and the maximum - 200? 200 mm.

Note! The quality of the workpiece depends on the performance of the equipment.


OC4-500 позволяет изготавливать ОЦБ и профилированный брус из массива или клееной заготовки. Если осуществить замену шпиндельных стаканов фрез и установить фрезы, то он способен осуществлять двухстороннее профилирование заготовки. Максимальная высота готового изделия не превышает 200 мм. Такое оборудование должны обслуживать не менее двух человек.


Cup Cutters

Cup-cutting machines for profiled bar are designed to perform the so-called assembly bowls in the product. This operation is performed with high accuracy, as the quality of construction depends on it. Therefore, the main requirement of such equipment is the accuracy of cutting, errors and tolerances should be minimized.

Cup cutter

Domestic manufacturers offer several types of such devices, including MOE-2B, MOE-B and Brus-1. The latter is the cheapest. The professional line of cup cutting machines from foreign manufacturers contains such products as: QUADRO-250TS, WoodTec 4-200, QUADRO-250T, KRUSI CM-40, BL Twin, EURO BLOX 230, etc. Their cost starts from 50 thousand dollars and above.


In the market there is a large selection of equipment for the manufacture of profiled timber. If you are going to build several houses from this wall material, and at the same time you have a desire to get acquainted with the technology of its manufacture, the cheapest equipment will pay for itself in the second building.

For large-scale production, more powerful machines will be needed, which are an order of magnitude more expensive (also find out what is better - a bar or a log).

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