Is it worth to consider projects of houses with a bar with a

Who among the townspeople do not dream of having a country house in which you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city during holidays and weekends? Deciding on its construction, many are looking for projects of wooden houses from a bar with a garage, considering them as the most convenient and comfortable for living. Especially if you want to settle outside the city and go to the city only to work.

The desire of car owners to have a private parking is understandable and understandable: a car in every family is a friend and helper, without which it is difficult to do, living far from public transport routes. In order for it to serve for a long time and properly, it, like any other equipment, needs to be properly maintained and stored.

Cottage with garage and attic

But is it worth it to arrange a garage in the house of the timber? How to properly equip it? How to choose a similar project in general, so that the house built on it is beautiful and comfortable?

Choosing projects

When deciding on the construction of your own housing, first of all you need to think about the materials - what your house will be made of. Currently, a huge number of people are leaning towards a tree, as the most natural and environmentally friendly material, which retains heat warmly and creates a healthy internal microclimate.

The price also plays an important role - wooden buildings are cheaper than stone and brick ones, they don’t need a strong foundation. But the cost of construction largely depends on the type of timber used, the size of the house, its technical equipment.

Types of timber

Modern technologies of woodworking allow to produce several varieties of timber, which differs in both appearance and technical characteristics.

Each of them has its advantages.

  • Regular rectangular timber - the most affordable and economical option. But the most short-lived, requiring mandatory exterior trim. Projects of log houses with a garage usually include cladding with siding, block house, clapboard, brick or other facade material, which leads to a significant increase in the cost of construction. But the finish can be made not immediately, but as the appearance of funds, so this option is quite common. (See also the article What is better: profiled timber or rounded log for building a house?)
Facade siding under the brick
  • Profiled timber – это массив дерева, снабженный системой шип-паз. Она позволяет быстро и качественно возводить стены без необходимости конопатить щели. Эта работа не потребуется и после усадки дома, так как благодаря плотному замковому соединению сквозных щелей просто не образуется. Проекты домов из профилированного бруса с гаражом – самые популярные. Это объясняется и эстетичным видом материала, не требующим отделки, и отличными теплотехническими свойствами строения, и его экологичностью, и практичностью конструкции, исключающей гниение из-за попадания атмосферной влаги в межвенцовые швы.
Profiled timber
  • Glued laminated timber is the most expensive, but also the most durable and durable. Special production technology, without depriving the material of environmental friendliness, gives it excellent performance characteristics. It practically does not shrink, is highly resistant to deformation and harmful atmospheric influences. Projects of houses from glued timber with a garage are chosen by those for whom the speed and quality of construction is important: such buildings do not need to be “defended”, immediately after the construction of the walls, you can proceed to further work. (See the article on larch glued timber: practicality and environmental friendliness of your homes)
Construction of a cottage from glued timber

The choice of timber depends on many factors - the financial capabilities of the customer, his tastes, the desire to build independently or through a contracting organization. In any case, it will not be superfluous to know that this choice is not limited to one species.

Project Features

If you are considering exactly the projects with built-in garage, then pay attention to the following points, which may be important for your comfort:

  • The location of the entrance to the garage - from the house or from the street;
  • The size of the internal parking: if the family has two cars, it should be spacious enough;
  • The presence of a viewing pit or cellar;
  • Existence of the thought-over ventilation system;
  • The position of the garage relative to the premises - built-in, attached, located in the basement.
Project with attached garage

Council There is an unspoken instruction that does not recommend arranging a storage room for a car in the basement floor. Exhaust gases and vaporization of gasoline and other harmful substances will certainly penetrate the house, harming its internal ecology.

Advantages and disadvantages of homes combined with a garage

To make a separate or internal parking for a car is a matter of taste of the owners of private housing Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. But the choice often depends not only on personal preferences, but also on such moments as the size of the site, soil features at the construction site, financial reserves, etc.

For example, projects of one-story houses from a bar with a garage imply the presence of a large plot, while the second floor or attic can increase the living space without taking up extra land.

The merits of the combined projects

The advantages of this option are obvious:

  • Aesthetic appeal. One compact structure on the site looks more interesting than a few scattered, especially if they are trimmed differently. (See also the article Decorating a house from a bar inside yourself)
The complex may also include a sauna, a terrace and other functional rooms.
  • Saving space. The possibility of freer use of the house adjoining area, placing in the unoccupied space of recreation areas, flower beds, playgrounds, etc.
  • Convenience. If there is a way out of the house directly to the garage, in bad weather you can not go out. This is especially true for our climatic conditions with long and severe winters.
  • Reduced construction costs. This is one of the main arguments for those who build economy-class housing and do some of the work with their own hands. In addition to the common wall with the house and part of the foundation, you can attach the garage to the general heating system and power supply. And it is much cheaper than building a separate capital structure.
Heating - from the home boiler room
  • Multifunctional. Attached parking can be used as a home workshop, warehouse, other utility room. It is very convenient to store bicycles, prams, skis, sleds, other large-sized or seasonal things in it. And in the presence of the cellar - home canned food and vegetables grown on the site.
Photos of the internal arrangement of the garage

Disadvantages of garages attached to houses from timber

Unfortunately, such projects have a lot of minuses too. And some of them concern in general any garages attached to the house, and some - of wooden buildings.

But the main drawback is the smell of exhaust gases and gasoline that penetrate into the home.

However, it can be minimized if projects of two-story houses from a bar with a garage are carried out taking into account the following conditions:

  • Provide a forced ventilation system;
  • To provide for a closed vestibule between the residential and ancillary parts of the building. It must also be connected to the ventilation system.
The project has a vestibule in front of the residential area.

If this is not done, each time you move from one zone to another, unpleasant smells and harmful fumes will penetrate into the hallway and further into the house.

Another drawback - a large area reserved for parking, reduces the living area of ​​the house.

Note! When selling a finished cottage, many realtors include the garage area in the total footage of the house at the same price. In this case, it should be lower than the cost of 1 sq.m. similar houses without a garage.

If we talk specifically about the wooden buildings, their combination with the garage increases the risk of fire, especially if you store fuel and other flammable materials in it. It is possible to sheathe the common wall with non-combustible materials, but this does not completely solve the problem.

Tips for designing and arranging attached garages

On the Internet you can find projects of houses from a bar with a garage for free or at an affordable price. But in any case, they must be adapted to the specific site and the wishes of the customer.

So that in the future you will not have problems or inconveniences associated with the operation, we recommend to pay attention to the following things at the design and construction stage:

  • The size of the garage, designed for one car, must be at least 4 x 6 m. It is inconvenient to park in a smaller area, there is no place to place shelves and shelves for storing tools, spare parts, etc .;
  • The height of the garage door must be at least 2 meters, width - 2.5-3 meters;
  • To prevent rain and melt water from entering the adjoining room, the floor in it should be made 20-30 cm above ground level, using brick, paving slabs, concrete as a covering;
  • A forced ventilation device is a must! But even with its presence and proper operation, the car should always be put back to the gate, so that when warming up the exhaust gases disappear faster;
Ventilation device diagram
  • During construction, make sure that the timber is treated with special means against rotting and fire;
  • Inspection pit in the garage increases its cost, but will save in the future if you need to make minor repairs.

In a word, before you purchase a project, you need to carefully study the drawings of houses from a bar with a garage, evaluate the layout, the ratio of living and total area, make sure that it takes into account all the nuances associated with the safety and comfort of living.


In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic. Perhaps, it will strengthen your desire to build just such a house or, on the contrary, make it abandon for some personal reasons. In any case, it is better to know about all the pitfalls and possible bonuses in advance in order to make an informed and informed decision.

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