Imitation of a bar from the block house: features,

Houses from a bar became very popular recently, and it is no wonder: they are natural, beautiful and very cozy. But there is one drawback - this is their price, which not every Russian can afford. A simple and elegant way out of this difficulty is an imitation of a bar from the Block House, which we will tell you about.

The block house under a bar is a beautiful and effective way of finishing.

Block House: Features and Benefits

Special features

In the photo is an example of how you can transform the house with the help of imitation timber.

Imitation of a bar or the Block House is a finishing material for walls and a ceiling which is made, as a rule, of a tree. Initially, the block house imitated a log, but a slight change in the profile of the board allows you to mimic calmly under the timber. This is planed grooved wood panel, in fact, a kind of wall paneling, with the difference that there are no recesses on the front side and the size and shape are slightly different.

Designed material for exterior and interior walls and ceiling. Fans of natural wooden houses, who cannot afford such luxury, find in the house block a real salvation.

Particularly relevant material has become with the growing popularity of frame houses that need to sheathe or plaster in any case, and the imitation of the beam is most harmonious.

The interior wall decoration imitation timber transforms the house completely.

When the profiled timber under Block House completely covers the facade of your house, it becomes difficult to distinguish it from a wooden solid wood structure. This gives the building solidity, beauty, high cost and natural charm of a unique pattern of wood fibers.

In addition, the method of mounting the block house provides another important opportunity. Boards are mounted on the crate of bars, which allows you to lay a layer of insulating and waterproofing material into the gap between the board and the wall. You can also use windproof membranes, it will also increase the energy efficiency of your home.

For complete similarity and authenticity, it is necessary to imitate not only the facade, but also the inner surfaces of the walls and ceiling. Then it will be almost impossible to distinguish your house from a real structure from a bar.

In addition, the finish will create an additional barrier to cold, and the use of external insulation will minimize heat loss.

Even a simple set of boards and shaped elements make the house neat and elegant.

Installation of this finishing coating is quite simple and does not require special skills and abilities, as well as the use of expensive tools, heavy and powerful equipment, welding or other energy-intensive equipment. The instruction is simple enough; all you need is a clear plan of action and accurate, accurate execution of its points.

Therefore, Block House can be called not only beautiful and effective, but also cost-effective material.



The advantages that are characteristic of the Block House, due to its structure, shape and composition. As can be seen in the diagram above, each board has ventilation slots, as well as a connecting groove below and a spike above. Also on the external corners, chamfers have been removed, which make the coating relief like a wall of a bar.

Imitation adorns even the most simple and homely house.

The main advantages of wood trim and house block in particular can be listed as a list:

  1. The coating is completely natural and does not contain harmful compounds, chemicals or toxins that can harm the life or health of people and animals;
  2. The coating allows you to further insulate the walls with mineral wool, polystyrene foam or other type of insulation, which increases the energy efficiency of the building several times and reduces the cost of space heating;
  3. Imitation of a bar allows to refine any, even an old and nondescript facade. The same applies to the interior of any home;
  4. The material is impregnated with special chemical compounds - fire retardants, which negate the risk of fire and flame spread by means of a wooden coating;
  5. The wood is treated with an antiseptic complex that reliably protects it from rodents, dwarf insects, rotting, fungi and other biological corrosion factors
  6. A layer of wood in itself warms your walls, especially if it is located on both sides;
  7. The tree is one of the most ancient, and therefore the most familiar building materials for humans. Therefore, it is doubly pleasant to live in a room covered with a board, because the pattern created by wood fibers soothes the nervous system, gives calm and a special comfort;
  8. For the production of block house most often use coniferous wood: pine, spruce, larch, cedar. This gives the holder of the material another advantage: the essential oils and resins contained in the needles have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the respiratory organs, bronchi, as well as on the central nervous system and other parts of the body.

Note! The spike-groove connection allows you to create from boards a monolithic facade or interior wall covering that looks solid and continuous.

If the board is subsequently (or immediately) coated with varnish, paint or special wax, the coating will be truly chic, moreover, the varnish will significantly prolong its service life. You should also pay attention to the set of shaped elements, trim, corners, etc., since these details greatly decorate and ennoble the overall appearance of the coating, both facade and interior.

Installation House block under a bar

General rules

Tool and materials

It is rather simple to mount a covering, like lining.

For installation of the House Block under the timber you will need the following set of tools and materials:

  1. Electric drill with impact mechanism;
  2. Parquet saw or handsaw;
  3. Hammer;
  4. Level;
  5. Plumbing;
  6. Roulette;
  7. Concrete drill and wood drill;
  8. Self-tapping screws;
  9. Wooden plugs;
  10. Aluminum tape;
  11. Dowel for quick installation;
  12. A set of boards;
  13. Bar for crates;
  14. Asphalt or other waterproofing;
  15. Mineral wool, polystyrene foam or other thermal insulation;
  16. Windproof membrane.
The material is used to finish the ceiling indoors.

Tip! Boards, timber and other wooden parts should be delivered to the object in advance, no less than a week before installation work. This measure allows the material to fully adapt to the physical and climatic features of the area and to gain the necessary humidity, which will save you from the problems associated with changes in the size and shape of wood as a result of acclimatization, as well as from cracking the surface of the board under the action of these processes.

You should also be very careful about the choice of material. The board should be from coniferous wood, preferably from the northern forest (Karelia, Leningrad region, Scandinavian countries, etc.). A visual inspection will give an idea about the quality of wood, the number of knots and other flaws on the surface, as well as the quality of surface treatment and milling of profile elements.

Carefully inspect the board visually for defects, knots, flaws, and also pay attention to the accuracy and quality of milling parts.

Next, you should familiarize yourself with the accompanying product documents, where there is information about the processing methods and chemical compositions for protection against fire and biological corrosion, as well as the warranty period of service coverage.

Finally, it is advisable to find out as much information as possible about the manufacturer of the House Block you have chosen, read the feedback from consumers who used the products of this company and get their opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of a particular material.

Tip! To work you need a simple set of tools. However, you may not have it, and, as you know, a quality tool is well worth it, so you can not waste your money, but rent a tool in any large construction supermarket in your city. This is a normal common service, which is used by almost all professional builders.

Installation procedure

Boards do not necessarily pull out of the shrink film, the main thing is to allow them to adapt to the climate and temperature.

The installation of an imitation beam is no different from the installation of an imitation log, except for some of the nuances of the location of fasteners on the surface of the board. Therefore, this instruction is valid for the House Block as a whole.

The general procedure is as follows:

  1. The wall should be prepared. To do this, remove all the bulging parts from it: window sills, platbands, curtain rods, electrical wires, lights, etc .;
  2. Next, the wall is cleaned of debris, dirt and other foreign objects, inspect, if necessary, putty cracks and other defects;
  3. The wall is covered with a layer of glassine or other type of waterproofing. Glassine overlap, bonding layers of aluminum tape. Then the layer will be firmly pressed with crates;
We cover the wall with vapor barrier.
  1. Next, proceed to the installation of crates. The pitch between the bars should correspond to the width of one sheet of insulation that you plan to use. Bars to the wall is fixed with screws or kits for quick installation, depending on the material from which the walls of the house are made. For fixing to a brick or concrete use dowels, for fastening to a tree - simple self-tapping screws;
On the asphalt we mount the batten bars.
  1. Bars obreshetki should be located strictly vertically. The orientation relative to the vertical should be checked thoroughly, using a professional building level or plumb;
To control the vertical, use a plumb line or level.
  1. Bars must necessarily frame the corners, windows, doorways and joints of boards along the length;
  2. When the bars are laid, you can proceed to laying insulation. To do this, take the selected material and fasten it to the wall in accordance with the rules of installation adopted for this material. It is better to use hard slabs of mineral wool or polystyrene foam plates. They are fixed with special dowels, umbrellas and / or glue.
Between the crates of bars we put insulation.
  1. When the insulation is glued to the wall, it is covered with a hydro- and windproof membrane. This is true for wool, for foam and polystyrene foam, this item is not required;
  2. Next, proceed to the installation of the actual block house. We start at the bottom. We install the first lower board horizontally horizontally with the help of a level; we will be guided by it further. The board can be fixed to the crate in three ways: using self-tapping screws at an angle of 45 degrees, with nails or self-tapping screws at a right angle, using clamps. It is considered the most reliable fastening on the clamps, the simplest and most unreliable - on nails;
First, we mount the bottom board, then we focus on it when installing the following parts.
  1. When installing the boards, we make sure that the groove is at the bottom, otherwise it will fill with water and snow, from which the tree will swell and deteriorate;
  2. We sew the whole wall with the board, leaving small gaps between the lamellas for the expansion of the material as a result of differences in climatic parameters;
  3. We proceed to the installation of fittings: the corners of the external and internal, window sills, platbands, various jewelry and accessories;
We mount shaped elements.
  1. We return to the place all the visors, wiring, pipes, drainage system, etc.
At the end we assemble the fittings, window sills and cornices and admire the new facade.

Note! For interior work, the procedure is the same, with the exception of vapor barrier and insulation, which must always be installed outside.

As you can see, the installation of the block house is very simple, easy to make with your own hands and does not require any special skills or knowledge. The only condition is to adhere to the instructions as accurately as possible and be careful and attentive, not to rush and not try to simplify where it is inappropriate.


Wood cladding can imitate various designs: walls made of logs, timber, and other materials. It is best of all to cope with the task of imitation of a bar, the block house, which is rather simple to mount independently, which considerably reduces the cost of repairs (also read the article Decorating a house from a bar inside on its own).

Not less informative information awaits you in the video in this article.

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