How to paint a concrete floor in the garage: the choice of

Paint for concrete floors in the garage not only protects the screed from excessive wear, but also prevents the formation of cement dust on its surface.

However, not every composition is suitable for covering a concrete floor under conditions of high loads and aggressive chemistry, so we decided to tell you what paint to paint a concrete floor in the garage.

Paint for the concrete floor of the garage allows you to extend the life of the screed.

Painting the concrete floor in the garage

Special features

The photo shows the process of applying paint.

In order to better represent the characteristics of painting the garage floor, you should find out the specifics of operating such a coating. It is especially important to pay attention to the main factors of wear and the conditions in which the applied paint will be (find out here where and how antifreeze additives are used in concrete).

For convenience, we have compiled a list of such factors and features specific to garages and car repair shops:

  • The car will stand in the garage and drive, so the first requirement for coverage is high resistance to mechanical wear and abrasion due to constant wheel load;
  • You should also take into account the fact that there will be water from the car on the floor, and in winter it will be especially large. Therefore, the requirement number two is the moisture resistance of the coloring composition that you are going to apply;
  • The garage is a place where it is impossible to prevent the floor from contacting with such substances as gasoline, diesel fuel, lube oil, various anti-corrosion and non-freezing liquids. From here follows the third paint requirement - chemical resistance;
  • Finally, garages are far from always heated, and therefore the fourth requirement is frost resistance and resistance to temperature changes. The coating must be flexible and calmly transfer thermal expansion.
The coating must be strong enough.

Note! We found out that paint on concrete for the floor in the garage should be durable, wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, chemically inert, and calmly tolerate negative temperatures.

Selection of materials

It is important to choose the right material, because an expensive or rare car can be stored in the garage.

Now, when we know what requirements are put forward to the coating, we can proceed to the choice of paint.

We will not consider all possible options, but only select the most appropriate of them:

  1. Acrylic latex compositions for concrete floors. They are distinguished by absolute safety and environmental friendliness, high quality color reproduction, resistance to wear, moisture and chemistry. The disadvantage is the high price;
  2. Polyurethane paints and enamels. They are one-and two-component, form a heavy-duty coating that is not afraid of moisture, increased friction, temperature drops, chemistry and other factors of wear;
  3. Concrete Epoxy Compounds. There are one- and two-component, differ in ultra-high strength to all types of wear, including in conditions of winter, high humidity and chemically aggressive environment;
  4. Alkyd-urethane enamel give a durable glossy surface, have a good hiding power and serve for a long time, although they are inferior in strength to previous versions.
Two-component epoxy with hardener.

Note! It is undesirable to use oil, alkyd, organofluorine compositions and paints based on soluble resins, since when in contact with gasoline and other products of oil distillation, their spreading, discoloration and other similar effects may be observed.

Acrylic paints are a great option, but they are more often chosen for interior work in residential premises due to toxicological and chemical safety. In addition, these coatings are still inferior to polyurethane and epoxy resin in strength, while costing more.

Good acrylic paint is an excellent choice.

Polyurethane is known to all on the soles of high-quality shoes, which for years withstand friction against asphalt. The coating of the polyurethane composition shows similar properties, while it is aesthetically attractive and durable.

Epoxy resin and paint based on it gives the most durable and durable coating that can be operated even in open areas. The material is not afraid of moisture, frost, solar radiation, mechanical loads and friction, aggressive chemistry and other types of damaging effects on the surface.

Glossy polyurethane paint for concrete floor.

Alkyd-urethane enamel looks good and gives a glossy surface, but for the garage it is not so important, but its strength and resistance to long-term increased wear is slightly inferior to other options proposed in this article.

Stages of work

Consider the order of work.

Теперь поговорим о том, как покрасить бетонный пол в гараже (читайте также статью «Бетонный пол в квартире: самостоятельная укладка»).

You can do it yourself without any problems, and to facilitate this task we have compiled an instruction:

  1. The screed must be prepared; for this, it is necessary to eliminate all defects and cracks, it is better to completely remove large potholes and flaws, this may require cutting the reinforced concrete with diamond circles or diamond drilling of holes in the concrete. After repair, the surface must be cleaned of dust and debris;
Repair the floor.
  1. Next, you need to primed the surface of the composition, which is recommended by the manufacturer for your chosen type of paint. Some epoxy compounds do not need a primer. Apply the soil with a roller or brush, carefully rubbing it into the material, and wait for complete drying;
Apply the primer.
  1. We paint in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Two-component formulations should be mixed in strict accordance with the recommendations on the package, the dosage must be observed as accurately as possible;
Mix paint components according to the instructions.
  1. Pour the prepared paint in the bath, roll the roller and begin to apply the coating in a thin layer. After the floor is covered completely, wait a day, and then apply a second layer;
Roll out the composition of the roller across the floor.
  1. It will be possible to use the garage in 48 hours, and for epoxy compounds in a week or two, since it is during this time that the resin will gain full strength and chemical inertness.
We are waiting for the coating material to gain full strength.

  Note! Before starting work, make sure that your screed is dry. To do this, leave a piece of polyethylene on the floor at night, glued to the sides of the tape, if condensation appeared in the morning, then the concrete should be dried.


The paintwork does not allow the concrete to dust and soil your car. It also protects the concrete from wear, corrosion and moisture, which significantly improves the quality and durability. The video in this article will help you see the process and better understand its subtleties.

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