How to drill a concrete wall: technology. the choice of

Concrete walls are a reliable and incredibly durable construction, damage to the surface of which is far from easy, as well as drill. But if such a need arose, it is still possible to do this with the help of special equipment and compliance with certain rules. And now about everything in more detail.

Doing concrete with your own hands

General provisions

Let's first consider why the concrete wall is not drilled by conventional methods. And everything lies in the structure of such a durable material:

Component name Technical features
Cement Binds all the ingredients, stone in the process of hardening the solution
Sand Increases density and reduces porosity.
Gravel Gives the structure a compressive strength

As you can see, the action of all components is aimed at increasing the strength properties of the finished product. Especially critical for conventional drills is rubble, about which their cutting edges instantly become blunt.

Concrete is even used to make bomb shelters.

And with all the complexity of processing a concrete wall, the need for this can arise very often.

For example, if necessary:

  • Hang the shelf on the wall or any other furniture interior.
Photos of shelves screwed to the wall
  • To produce plasterboard.
Metal frame for gypsum mounted on concrete
  • Implementation of electrical wiring, installation of new sockets and switches. At the same time for laying the wire, the reinforced concrete is cut by diamond circles.
Creating cable strobes
  • Plumbing connection.
Diamond drilling holes in concrete under the plumbing

Execution technology

We have dealt with the need and the arising difficulties, now we will consider how to drill a concrete wall correctly.

Tool selection

First of all, we define what to drill a concrete wall. Drills for wood and concrete, of course, do not fit.

Should choose from the following options:

  • Waxed out drills. But it should be borne in mind that in addition to rotation, a shock function is also required.
Winning item

Tip: Do not use a cutting tool with a win for drilling iron or wood, as it will crush them.

  • Diamond coated drill bits. Such edges will be able to cut a stone even without a blow, but their price is much higher.
Diamond product

But the question of how to drill a concrete wall is not limited to the choice of consumables.

It is also required to determine the instrument:

  • Conventional drill. Only if you have nothing more suitable and you only need to make 2-3 holes. And in this case it is necessary from time to time to punch a layer of concrete with a steel pin with his own hand.
  • Hammer drill. Справится с небольшим объёмом работ и в том случае, если диаметр необходимых отверстий не превышает 13 mm. Дело в том, что удар в таком аппарате осуществляется за счёт металлической «трещотки», которая при интенсивной нагрузке достаточно быстро стирается.
Impact Electric Drill
  • Perforator. Will master large volumes and can even use special nozzles in the form of crowns, which are ideal for drilling sockets for sockets. In it, the blow is carried out at the expense of the piston system, which is much more powerful and less likely to fail, than the drill “ratchet”.
Perforator with a

To summarize and give a final answer to the question, the better to drill concrete walls, will help the following generalized table:

Tool Scope of work possible Risk of breakage Diameter of the maximum possible drill
Hammerless drill with metal pin Very small Tall 13 mm
Hammer drill Average Average 13 mm
Perforator Tall Low "Crowns" up to 120 mm


Now let's figure out how to drill a concrete wall. To do this, take the punch, as a clear winner of improvised competitions.

The instruction of its operation is as follows:

  1. We check the shaft of the trunk for the presence of debris. If one is found, delete it.
  2. We insert a drill until click. In this case, in some models, it may be necessary to delay the slider part of the “nose” of the tool.
  3. Bring the punch to the concrete surface strictly perpendicular and begin to drill, slightly pressing on it.
Drilling a concrete wall with a perforator

Tip: from time to time moisten the working part of the drill with water. This will protect it from overheating and prolong the operational life.

  1. The drill can get stuck during the drilling process. In this case, you should not try to loosen it in order to pull out, so you can break off the tip. Simply remove the tool from the machine, insert the drill bit of a smaller diameter and try using it to expand the hole and free the captive item.
  2. Watch the equipment, letting it cool.


We looked at how to drill a concrete wall, the process itself is not so difficult. The main thing is to choose the right tools and follow some rules during the work. The most practical and rational solution would be to use a hammer drill with poorest drill bits.

Proper preparation and implementation of recommendations - the key to successful drilling

The video in this article will provide you with additional information regarding the materials presented. Be careful, and you will succeed!

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