How to calculate the cube of concrete and the total volume

In cases where the solution is not mixed independently, but ordered in finished form, very often the question arises how to calculate how many cubes of concrete are needed. After all, any mistake can lead to a significant overrun of the composition or its shortage, both of which are highly undesirable. But it is also important to know the proportions even with the independent production of concrete - you can calculate how many components are needed for the project.

In the photo: high-quality concrete - a guarantee of strength and durability of your home.

The main features of the design work

If you have to do all the work with your own hands, then you will have to master such unloved by many things as counting the necessary materials and components for them.

Without this, it is impossible to competently build a technological process, besides, one should not forget about the following factors:

  • It doesn't matter if you buy ready-made concrete or prepare it yourself, the price of materials is quite high, and any mistakes are fraught with significant costs.. Of course, some reserve is necessary, but everything must be within reasonable limits.
Sometimes the solution is not enough, it is also not the best scenario, as the solidity of the base suffers and its strength decreases.
  • If you do not know how to calculate the cubic meter of concrete, it is better to consult with experts or to find information on the Internet, the more resources on construction topics, and there will be no problems. It is better to spend 10-15 minutes to study than to redo all the calculations.

Tip! When ordering the finished composition for the device of a monolithic structure, many companies provide the service of free exit and calculation of the required amount of concrete. This is the most acceptable option, as the supplier, not you, will be responsible for any inaccuracies and errors.

  • If all actions are performed correctly, you will not only get data on the required volume of a particular component, but also be able to accurately calculate how much work will cost.that allows you to correctly distribute funds and prevent construction from stopping due to lack of funds at the most inopportune moment.
  • It is worth noting immediately that both the majority of specialists and the majority of developers are in agreement that the ideal option for concrete work in the private sector is the M200 brand.. It is based on it and it is worth figuring out how to calculate a cube of concrete and calculate how much material will be needed in general.
M200 concrete - the excellent decision for the strong base
  • You can also greatly facilitate the work, using the online calculator - how to calculate the cube of concrete and do not need to understand, enter the required cubic capacity, and the program gives you the desired amount of components. With this option you will not have a question how to calculate 1 cube of concrete or any other value.

The following components are used in the works:

Cement Ideal brand M500 without additives
Sand Suitable river or quarry coarse-or medium-grained sand without impurities
Rubble The ideal fraction is up to 40 mm, this ensures maximum concrete strength indicators
Water It takes about 20% of the total

Calculation of the amount of solution depending on the type of foundation

If various programs can help with the calculation of components for a certain volume, then it will be necessary to determine the necessary amount by yourself. In this chapter, we will look at how to calculate concrete cubes for different types of bases.

Strip foundation

Without a doubt, this is the most common type of structures in private and low-rise buildings, with its help you can work very quickly and efficiently.

When conducting calculations, one should be guided by the following recommendations:

  • First of all, the thickness of the base is determined, as is known, this indicator may vary depending on what kind of load will affect a particular area. Therefore, you should write on a separate sheet the results of measurements of each of the parts, the length of the elements of the same thickness is summarized.
Tape designs have proven themselves among developers
  • The next step is to determine the height of the structure. Since it is hardly possible to dig a trench of absolutely equal depth, and a certain slope may be present at the site, this indicator should be measured very carefully and take into account that a certain error will be present in any case.
  • Next, the calculation is made: the length indicator is multiplied by the thickness and height, all indicators are taken in meters. The result will be the required volume in cubic meters. The values ​​of the plots with different thickness are summed up, the resulting value and will reflect how much concrete is needed for work.

Note! Do not forget that the concrete shrinks, so the finished result, taking into account possible errors, must be multiplied by 1.02.

Slab foundation

Monolithic construction serves as a solid foundation for your home.

This option is a monolithic platform, which is highly durable and reliable.

Instructions for calculating the material is as follows:

  • The process is quite simple: you need to multiply the length by the width and multiply by the height. The indicators are taken in meters.
  • If there are protrusions, then the volume of each of them is calculated additionally and added to the total figure.
  • If ribs are provided at the bottom to increase strength, their volume is calculated separately.

Pillar foundation

Pillar supports are most often used in the construction of houses from timber

This type of base is calculated as follows:

  • The process depends on the cross section of the columns, if it is square or rectangular, then the dimensions are multiplied (length by width), if round, then the area is calculated as: the radius is squared, and the result is multiplied by 3.14.
  • Further, the area of ​​the element is multiplied by its height, the result obtained will be a volume in cubic meters, it must be multiplied by the number of columns of the concrete foundation.
  • If there are grillages in the design, do not forget to calculate their volume.


In fact, the calculations are quite simple and will not cause difficulties. The main thing is to measure all the parameters correctly. The video in this article will tell some features of the process in more detail and in detail.

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