How to calculate the concrete on the foundation for a tape,

The foundation is the foundation of any building. Therefore, its tab is treated very carefully and try to take into account all the points. In this article, calculations of the amount of concrete for laying the foundation will be given, since concrete is the main material for performing the sounded type of work.

Photo solution, which is poured according to preliminary calculations

Work count

There are several main types of bases where concrete is the main building material:

  • Ribbon option, without a doubt, is the most common. Plus it costs the least, does not require serious knowledge of the work.
  • Monolithic plate costs more, but has good functional characteristics. Mostly this type is used on problem soils. Interestingly, the monolith can be arranged immediately and insulated.
  • Pilewhose foundation is the bored pile. This type of foundation is gaining more and more popularity, and in order not to go into a detailed description, we say only that it can be used on any soils, which is a huge plus.

The answer to the question of how to calculate the volume of concrete on the foundation depends largely on the type of foundation.

Tape type

This is the simplest type, both in terms of design, and in terms of calculations.

Strip foundation in section

First, determine the size of the width, base, this so-called section. For easier counting, the instruction assumes a house with dimensions 10 * 10.

The following calculations are performed:

  • First, the width is determined, which in this example is 0.4 meters.
  • Then the depth is determined. In this example, it will be equal to 1.5 meters. Immediately it should be noted that it is very important to take into account the depth of soil freezing in the area in which the work is performed.
  • The length is 40 meters. This value is obtained by adding the lengths of all sides of the house. And the house in this example has dimensions 10 * 10, as already indicated above.

Then it is necessary to multiply with each other all available values: 0.4 * 1.5 * 40 = 24. So, for a foundation with a house with such parameters, you will need 24 cubes. It is possible to pour more and more, and cutting of reinforced concrete with diamond circles will then be surely provided, so you need to try to get into the calculations.

One of the options for diamond cutting of ready-made concrete foundation

Note! We should also mention the elevation, which was not included in the calculations. When laying the concrete foundation, you can always build a kind of pillow with your own hands, by laying a layer of sand 20 cm thick at the bottom of the trench.

If the foundation is expected to rise above the ground by 20 cm, then the calculation is correct, if other parameters are laid, then it is necessary to consider the height of the base, taking this offset into account.

Monolithic plate

Now we need to show how to calculate how much concrete is needed on the foundation when it comes to a monolithic slab. This is the easiest way to calculate bookmarks.

You just need to multiply the parameters of length, width and height between each other. Example: 10x10x0.2 = 20. That is, with such values, you will need 20 cubes.

Monolith Counting Example

Note! Separately should be considered the volume of stiffeners. After all, the resulting volume of 20 cubes is “pure” volume. As a result, these 2 indicators are summarized.

Pile вариант

If it is a square or rectangular pile, the method used for the solid slab is used. That is, all the indicators are simply multiplied together. But, basically, we are talking about round piles, for which you can then use diamond drilling holes in concrete to tie them with a grillage, for example.

Here it is necessary to apply a special formula, according to which the product of the square of the radius should be multiplied by the constant coefficient "Pi", and the result should be multiplied by the height of the pile.

Schematic description of one of the calculations on piles

Since it is difficult to calculate the volume of concrete for this type of foundation, it makes sense to use special calculators. Example: with a diameter of 0.2 m and a pile height of 1.5 meters, the volume will be 0.047 cubes. After that, the resulting value must be multiplied by the number of piles itself.

Economic soundness

It should be noted that the cost of the foundation can be 30% of the value of the entire building. Therefore, the calculation of the cost of this stage of construction is very important. In order to understand how to calculate a concrete cube for a foundation, one would proceed from the following points.

Concrete prices You can pour the finished solution, and you can knead yourself.
Rebar prices This material is selected depending on the type, and most importantly, the weight of the building.
Formwork costs For some types of work, a large amount of formwork for a concrete structure is needed and the cost of it also plays a big role.
Transport Transportные услуги по доставке всех строительных материалов на место производимых работ.
Related costs Here are the costs, which include nails, screws, tools, electricity.

The total price is obtained by summing up the cost of all the above works and materials.

Transport of the solution is included in the total estimate.


It is quite difficult to calculate on your own exactly how much material is required for the foundation and its cost. However, with low-rise construction, this approach is justified. How not to be mistaken in the calculations will show the video in this article, which will answer even a few interesting questions.

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