How to build a house of profiled timber with your own hands:

Having your own summer house, where you can relax from the bustle of the city, enjoy the fresh air and peace - the dream of every citizen. Of course, to be happy to go to the country each time you need to have decent housing, and not a crooked shack. How to realize such a dream? It is very simple - to make an inexpensive house from a profiled bar.

Country house of profiled timber, where you can relax even a large family

This article will help you to understand how to build a beautiful house out of a bar with your own hands; it will lead you through all the stages of building a log house from the foundation to the roof. Do not miss the chance to make your country holiday more comfortable with the ability to spend it at any time of the year.

Positive quality profiled timber

A house from a professional bar is a good choice. Due to the unique and healthy microclimate inside the building, it is a pleasure to live in such a house. This is achieved through the use in the construction of profiled wood products.

The contoured timber, unlike the usual one, has opposite sides that are not even, but have special grooves and spikes, which not only improve the quality of the interlock seam, but also reduce the pressure inside the wood. This technique reduces the risk of cracks in the timber.

Great view and safe living.

The positive qualities of profiled products should also include:

  • neatness and attractiveness - due to the smoothness of the surface, the house has an aesthetic appearance without additional processing;
  • energy saving - the tightness of intervening seams is several times more efficient than a seam from a conventional bar; the seam thickness is about 3 mm. The design of the castle creates a kind of labyrinth that complicates the penetration of cold-heat into the building, and also eliminates blowing out;
  • waterproof walls - the profile design prevents the flow of rainwater between the logs, thereby providing additional protection from decay;

Note! Building a house of profiled timber is the best option in combination price - quality. Building the same buildings, for example, from a regular timber, will be cheaper, but additional processing in the general sum will pull out more money from your wallet than you would spend on building a house with the help of profiled products.

Start of construction

The first step in the construction of a house of profiled timber should be a project.

There are three options:

  1. draw yourself;
  2. order from a construction company;
  3. find a free project with friends or on the Internet.

The project is needed in order to streamline the stages of work and calculate the materials for the future home. When calculating materials, it is better to seek the support of a specialist. Incorrect calculation of sawn timber can lead to further significant financial waste.

The foundation for the country house

The foundation is the foundation of any building. The most suitable option for a small country house is a support-column foundation of cement blocks.

The advantages of such a foundation are obvious:

  • the construction of the foundation does not take a long time, and it is 2 times more economical than the tape one;
  • the simplicity of the design will be clear even to a person far from construction;
  • such a foundation can be made by one person without much difficulty.
Photos of the correct placement of the pillars during the erection of the support-column foundation

Depending on the depth, the columnar foundation can be:

  • shallow - depth about 50-70 cm;
  • in-depth - more than 1 m deep, sometimes, depending on the soil, it can be up to 2 m deep.

Foundation construction

We will build our country house from a professional bar on a little in-depth foundation of cement blocks of 20x20x40 mm.

Consider the sequence of work on the construction of the foundation, the instruction:

  • we clean the area of ​​debris and cut off the earth ball with a thickness of 6 to 10 cm
  • make markup for future posts. The columns, as seen in the photo are placed at every angle and all future walls. The distance between them is 1-1.5 m;
  • we dig holes under the posts, since the posts will be made by the method of brickwork, from cement blocks 20x20x40 mm, then their thickness will be 40 cm. Considering this, you need to make a hole 10-20 cm more, it will simplify further laying of blocks.
  • We place a drain cushion of 10-15 cm of sand, 5 cm of rubble and a layer of waterproofing at the bottom of a dug pit; this is necessary in order to speed up the drainage of water from the base of the foundation.
  • On the “hard” cement mortar we lay the blocks with ligation, carefully rub each seam and plaster the surface of the blocks.

So, in a few steps, you can make without special difficulties a columnar foundation for a log house with your own hands.

Photo of the ready support-column basement from cement blocks

Walls from a professional bar

The construction of the walls of profiled timber напоминает чем-то детский конструктор. Задача эта не сложная, и под силу каждому мужчине, который знает, что такое гвоздь и умеет держать молоток в руках. Но, несмотря на это, некоторые знания чтобы построить дом из проф бруса нужны.

The construction of the walls of profiled timber

The first thing to do before starting the construction of walls is to waterproof the foundation. To do this, we lay several layers of roofing material on the pillars of our base and coat it with mastic.

The next, one can say the most important point, is the laying of the first crown. We take a regular, not profiled beam for the first crown, its size should be slightly larger than the main decks. In the absence of a thicker product, you can use two smaller logs that are joined together.

Laying the first crown should be perfect

Note! Internal walls can be made from other materials or from a thinner bar. But if you planned them from a bar, then you need to “lift” them together with the box. If you leave it "for later", then "later" you can use only other material, for example, plasterboard or clapboard partitions. Tip! It is necessary to set the first crown strictly according to the level, since the quality of the constructed house directly depends on it. If the first crown is not set at the level, the building will go jamb.

The first crown in its place

After the first crown is laid proceed to the construction of the walls of the profiled beam. This process does not take much time, the tong-groove system provides the bar with uniform shrinkage and allows you to build a country house from a professional bar as soon as possible.

We can say that you just need to lay the timber on the timber.

In principle, this is the case, but in some cases you need to understand, consider the main points on which questions may arise:

  • angular connection - can be done: a) half-timbered, b) one-sided lock groove, c) in dressing with a root spike, d) “on the mustache” with a secret spike;
Photos of the most common corner joints
  • the timber is attached to the timber with dowels - wooden pegs, which are hammered into specially drilled holes with a diameter of 2-3 cm with a step of 1-1.5 m. They can also be joined with iron pegs or nails, but this is not recommended when building the first country house with their own hands. Improperly hammered nails can cause logs to hang on them after shrinking;
Correct connection of the crowns with nails and wooden dowels
  • be sure to warm the joints and corners joints;
Thermal insulation of interlock seam with jute fiberWarming corner joints of profiled timber,
  • leave a small opening in places of future windows and doors, do not try to make an opening ideally suited to your future window or door. Lack of experience can lead to skew walls, openings for windows and doors can be easily cut with a chainsaw after construction.
The best option for the formation of a doorway in the wall of timber

Note! Installation of windows can be carried out only after complete shrinkage of the log house. A pre-installed window may be crushed during the house shrinkage process.

Roof for a wooden house

After installing the walls proceed to the installation of the roof.

The house of a professional bar can have a roof made from a variety of materials:

  • slate;
  • onduin;
  • professional flooring;
  • erythroblerooid;
  • metal tile and other roofing materials.
Eco-friendly country house cozy and beautiful looks and thatched roof.

Roof Mounting

Installing a roof on a wooden house is practically no different from installing a roof on buildings made of other building materials. The first thing you need to install ceiling lags, set them on the edge with a half meter.

Note! Installed lags should protrude beyond the base of the wall for more than half a meter. The larger the ledge, the less rain and snow will fall on the walls, and excess moisture to wooden walls is not needed.

Further mounted truss system. Usually it is made of boards or rafters, additionally strengthening the frame with struts and braces. Truss system is the skeleton of the future roof.

Photo of the roof frame made of boards.

When the frame is ready proceed to the installation of gables. Basically gables are made of the same timber as the wall. But if you need to save money, you can make them from boards, plywood, OSB, siding or wall paneling.

At the end, depending on the choice of roofing, sheathing is mounted. Basically it is a rail 50x50 mm. If you chose such material as, for example, euro-ruberoid, then you will have to completely sew up the frame. In this case, OSB is most often used.

Before you install the roofing material you need to pay attention to such a thing as "roofing pie". At least for the roof of a country house you need to make a waterproofing so that the roof does not accumulate moisture.

The device of the roofing pie under the metal.


As we see, it is not difficult and fast to make a house from a profiled bar. Just a couple of weeks and the house is ready. Things are easy. It remains only to wait for shrinkage, to make an internal repair and bring furniture.

That's how you can get an inexpensive and comfortable accommodation. Do not miss the chance to relax in nature in their own country cottage. You can also watch the video in this article to see firsthand how easy it is to build a wooden house.

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