How to build a house from a bar 8x8 in one and a half

We decided to build a house in a floor and a half of the timber?

There are two ways to implement this project:

  • you can buy a finished domokomplekt and assemble it on the site designated for construction;
  • you can purchase timber and other building materials and build the building entirely by yourself.
Typical house of timber

Consider in order:

  • The first method allows you to save time, since ordering a house set allows you to build a full-fledged house from a profiled bar, on average, within one and a half to two months. This method is optimal in the event that a country site has a limited number of access roads and the use of a large number of special equipment is difficult.
  • The second solution allows you to save money, since the purchase of a bar will cost a bit less than a wall kit. But in order to build a house with your own hands, you need sufficient experience and the help of several people.

The most popular and sought-after lumber domokomplektom are typical houses from a bar and a half floors in the base with a loft and a balcony. Currently, most organizations engaged in the manufacture of wooden houses, offer such kits. You, in this case, it remains to attend to the laying of the column-point or strip foundation.

Build a house in a half floors

We build the house of a bar independently

For the construction of a house of timber, one and a half floors is not the limit. This step-by-step process begins with the selection of a project and the calculation of building materials.


You can select and purchase a suitable project both in specialized organizations and on the Internet. However, if the experience of building a little, the choice of the project should be entrusted to specialists. Before proceeding with the construction, with the selected project it is necessary to contact the regulatory authorities and thus avoid subsequent difficulties in coordination.

Construction Materials

Calculation of building materials is carried out on the basis of the project. It must be remembered that the standard length of the profiled beam is 6 meters, while the dimensions of the section may vary. At this stage, you should prepare a site for storing timber. It is necessary to save the timber from excessive moisture in order to reduce the time required for shrinkage.

Tip: a place to store lumber should be located in the immediate vicinity of the construction, but it should not block the passage for special equipment.


Laying the foundation for a log house should be carried out taking into account the standards of strength and reliability that are typical for an ordinary brick construction object.

A number of criteria affect the choice of foundation type, including:

  • soil characteristics;
  • the load on the finished house;
  • architectural features of the object.
Foundation для дома из бруса - полтора этажа уюта

Foundation под брусовый дом, в соответствии с использованными материалами, может быть:

  • concrete;
  • wooden.

By the way of the bookmark, the following foundations are distinguished:

  • shallow depth (affordable price);
  • deep foundation;
  • tape
  • columnar.

When building a log house independently, most often, a shallow foundation is used. This type of foundation is laid at a depth of 50-70 cm around the perimeter of the entire house.


For your future home to serve for a long time, on the foundation, as in the photo, you need to lay a layer of waterproofing. In some cases, to save money, bitumen mastic is used instead of specialized waterproofing.

Foundation waterproofing


In order to build a house from a bar, a brigade of 4-6 people is required. Before you start laying the timber, you need to decide on the type of corner joint. The advantage of using a profiled bar is the presence of a special groove and ridge. As in the video in this article, the house of such lumber is laid out as a designer.

Laying the first row

  • Laying the first bars is the most important stage on which depends how smooth the walls will be. When carrying out such works, it is imperative to use the water level, which will help determine the position of the beam, both in the horizontal and in the vertical plane.
  • When laying subsequent rows it is important to use a compactor that fits between the bars. This measure allows to reduce the level of thermal conductivity of the walls and make the house more energy efficient.
Laying timber

Window and door openings

Bar-shaped house is a construction with wooden walls, the construction of which is weakened by window and door openings. In order to prevent the structure from being deformed during shrinkage, a prefabricated wooden structure is installed in the openings. In fact, it is nothing more than a solid wooden frame, made of timber. In the upper part of the casing there is a compensation gap in case of shrinkage.

The window


Since the house is built of wood, it is logical to assume that the floor will also be lumber. Instructions for laying the floor involves the use of logs - these are special props, which are set at a distance of 50-60 cm from each other. Directly on the lags are laid floorboards. The direction of the boards should be transverse to the lag.

Tip: a filler, for example, grains of foam, is poured into the space between the lags. This is done in order to prevent the boom of the floor and prevent heat loss.

Floor на лагах

The arrangement of the ceiling

Ceiling overlap is laid out of thick beams (beams). Floor boards are laid on the parallel bars. On the bottom side, a crate is made on which the paneling will be packed. In the interval between the bars it is also advisable to place the filler, which will perform the function of noise insulation.

Roofing system

Despite the relative simplicity of the construction of a wooden house, the construction of the roof is not an easy task. The complexity of the work is largely due to the need for high qualification and the unsafe work at height. Therefore, if there is not enough experience in construction, it is advisable to entrust the construction of the roof to specialists.

On wooden houses used gable roof. The construction of the roofing system is being erected in strict accordance with the project, which has already been tested in real conditions.

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