How is the okosyachka in log house

Windows and doors are an essential attribute of any building. But the installation of window and doors in wooden houses differs significantly from a similar procedure in brick or stone buildings. Openings under the doors and windows significantly weaken the solid wooden structure of the house.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the walls and protect the window and door blocks from the destructive effects of shrinkage processes, an ossyachka is made in the wooden house.

Octopus (siege)

In fact, an okosyachka to a house from a bar is nothing more than a solid wooden structure in the form of a box installed directly in a door or window opening. In addition to its main functions, the okosyachka is designed to reduce the thermal conductivity of areas of junction of window and door blocks to the wall openings, which increases the energy efficiency of the room.

In addition, competently assembled and installed roundabout makes the facade of the house more complete and attractive in appearance.

The siege is traditionally assembled from 3 components:

  • sidewalls;
  • rider;
  • sill or sill board.
Okosyachki elements

Okosyachki making

There are several different ways to make a mowy:

  1. "In the mortgage bar." Due to the relative cheapness and speed of production, the most needed one is the ossyachka in the mortgage bar.
Option 1
  1. "In thorn monolith".
Option 2
  1. Into the deck is another common technology. The popularity of the method is explained by the simplicity and low cost implementation.
Option 3
  1. "In a thorn with a ready slope"

This okosyachka infrequently made by hand, as it is a complex prefabricated structure.

Option 4

What method to choose for independent production? See this video in this article.


For self-manufacturing okosyachki require tools such as:

  • chainsaw;
  • a circular saw;
  • jigsaw
  • drill and screwdriver;
  • grinder;
  • roulette gon and pencil.

After all the tools are ready, you can start working. There are two main types of okosyachki: for wooden and for plastic window blocks. What will suit your home?

Casing production for wooden window blocks

Casing for wooden windows is the easiest to manufacture. Starting its production, in logs that are adjacent to the aperture, we grind out the grooves. Actually these grooves and will keep the okosyachku together with the window frame.

We groove the grooves in order to drown in them the bars, which will form a team structure. The instruction indicates that rectangular bars with a thickness of 50 mm are used for making the mowers, the groove should be similar in size.

As already mentioned, the design of the mowing consists of three types of bars. The bottom bar is inserted into the groove first. This element ensures the stability of the side parts, eliminating the likelihood of their shift. In order to eliminate heat loss, under the bar in the groove we place an interimple seal, for example, jute strips or linen fabric. (see also the article Insulated timber - technology sandwich in action)

In the next step, the side bars are laid in the side grooves. In the same way as under the lower bar and under the side parts of the seal is placed. Last, the top bar is installed.

The groove into which the upper bar is inserted should be slightly deeper than the lower and side grooves. The resulting gap, as in the photo below, will serve as a compensation space if the walls are deformed during the shrinking process.

Siege clearance

Note! In some cases, as a sealer, instead of jute and flax used mounting foam. This is unacceptable, because when drying, the foam prevents the natural shrinkage of the logs.

What is made of okosyachka

  • For the manufacture of okosyachki it is advisable to use high-quality dry wood, which is not deformed during subsequent operation. It is not scary if there are knots in the wood used, especially its price is cheaper.
  • At the end of the assembly, the entire structure can be varnished and in this way an aesthetic combination of the wooden wall of the house and the window block will be achieved. (See also the article Painting a house of glued laminated timber: take up the brush)
  • Okosyachka is made of wood mainly of hardwood, not prone to cracking. This is necessary so that the yoke can withstand shrinkage exceeding the shrinkage gaps, for example, in case of extreme drying of the house.
  • A ready-made round-up will last for a long time if it is protected from the negative impact of environmental factors. To do this, the wooden structure is covered with a protective layer of varnish or paint intended for outdoor use.
  • In most cases, an okosyachka from the outside of a wooden house is covered with platbands. However, with proper assembly of the whole structure, you can do without the platbands.

Casing technology for plastic window blocks

At the first stage, preliminary preparation of the window opening is performed. We prepare the opening so that it is on average 15 cm larger than the window frame. The gap between the frame and the opening is necessary for the installation of the mow side itself and in order to compensate for the possible shrinkage of the structure.

At the end of the prepared opening, a comb is cut, which will serve as the basis for a window-carriage with a pre-prepared groove. As a result, the shrinkage process of the logs will take place inside the lap of the groove. That is, settling will not create pressure on the window unit.

Для изготовления лафета используется брус 100×150 мм. В этом брусе посередине делается паз в который должен встать гребень. В результате, лафет по размеру должен быть больше оконного блока на 5 см.

The depth and width of the ridge should be 5 cm. The manufacture of the ridge is carried out clearly on the level of the chainsaw.

На изготовление верхнего элемента обсады идет обрезная доска (брус) с размерами сечения 40×150 мм. С обеих сторон доски выпиливаем пазы, в которые войдет гребень. После этого, верхняя доска (вершник) устанавливается на гребни оконного проема. После того как установлены боковые лафеты, вершник фиксируем саморезами.

Note! It is impossible to prevent the tapping of the screw into the ridge, since the joint will be hard and the casing will not be able to compensate for the shrinkage deformation.


After okosyachki design is completed, you can begin to seal the gaps. To do this, apply flax fiber, jute and other seals, which retain their elasticity for a long time. Grooves and ridges should be capped in order to prevent heat loss during operation of the finished house.

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