How are projects of houses and cottages of timber

Wooden houses and cottages from a bar become the priority direction of country construction. This is easy to explain, since the tree has a number of significant advantages over other materials, and it has a relatively low price.

However, the construction requires not only the investment of funds, but also a responsible approach to the drafting of the project. Projects of cottages made of timber today are made up by many construction companies, because this is one of the most popular types of low-rise buildings.

An integrated approach to the design of houses from timber

Is it possible to make a project yourself?

Of course, the easiest way to find on the network ready-made projects of the cottage from a bar or order an individual development. However, already completed projects may not meet your requirements and expectations, because typical construction can not take into account all the features of a particular site.

Ordering a project often turns out to be very expensive, moreover, it is not always possible to vouch for the fact that it will be drafted absolutely correctly.

Independent project of a small wooden house

If you have at least minimal architectural skills, you can make a project of a cottage from a bar yourself. Already ready development can be shown to professional architects to check and adjust, and it will cost less than complete building development from scratch. (See also the article How to use unplaned timber)

It’s not easy to develop a project with your own hands, because you need to take into account many different factors. The price of the future house will depend on the materials chosen and on the complexity of the construction.

How to start a project at home?

Preparation of the project for construction should begin with determining the features of the site: its topography, soil type, depth of groundwater flow. From this will depend on the type of foundation and many other features of the house.

If you do not plan to do the basement, you can use a columnar foundation, which is suitable even for heaving soils. Projects of wooden houses and cottages of timber allow you to create buildings of various sizes, so you should plan in advance the amount of material.

Photos of the plot ready for construction

Plot sizes also play a significant role. It is necessary to take the cadastral plan of the territory and “place” the future house on it. This will give an answer to several questions at once: how large will the local area be? How far will the house be located from the borders of the plot, and will there be conflicts with neighbors?

Tip! In addition, it is worth considering the location of the house relative to the cardinal points. Glazing a large area on the south side will not only give good illumination, but also help to save on heating.

What should be reflected in the project?

Projects of wooden cottages of timber include several mandatory components and consist of several mandatory sections. The project is compiled in at least 4 copies that will be needed in various government agencies. Mandatory components of any project:

Architectural part

  • Floor plan of the house. Most often, the cottages do two-story, while on the ground floor there is a hall, kitchen, living room and other facilities for all family members, but the upper floor is reserved for the bedroom and children's rooms. It is worth thinking about the placement of bathrooms. For a large family, one bathroom may not be enough; (See also the article Two-family log house: benefits)
Sample 1st floor plan
  • The presence of used attic or attic. The attic can turn into a convenient additional room for the most diverse purposes, but in this case it will be necessary to think through the features of the device and the insulation of the roof. The size and height of the attic will depend on the total area of ​​the house and the roof;

Note! The higher the slope, the less snow will accumulate on it, but more material will be needed.

Sample plan of a two-story house
  • Screeding and wall cuts. On this depends the height of the house and construction technology. It is easiest to choose a profiled bar, since it already has a perfectly even shape, and there will be no problems with the construction of external and internal walls;
  • Floor beams and floor plan. Consider the presence of "warm floor" in the house and options for using flooring, which will depend on the interior. Correctly calculated floors will guarantee the strength of the house;
  • If the house is two-storied, the project should indicate the placement of the stairs to the second floor. If a stationary staircase to the attic is planned, it must also be shown on the plan;
  • Three-dimensional types of the finished house with an indication of the size. The plan reflects the doors and windows, think about how bright it will be in the rooms, and how convenient will be the location of the doors.

When the approximate project of a cottage of profiled timber is ready, try to mentally "walk" through your home. This will help to quickly see all the shortcomings of the original plan and make the necessary adjustments.

3D image and floor plan

Engineering part

It is necessary to think over all communications necessary for life support. They depend on what communications are already on the site, and what are the possibilities for their use.

In this part it is necessary to think over and reflect the following sections:

  1. Option power home. This may be an underground cable or a connection to another power line. In Western countries, the use of independent generators is widespread, including using non-conventional energy sources, but in Russia they have not yet become widespread;
  2. Water supply at home. Think over where it will be more convenient and cheaper to take water: from a well, a private artesian well, or a city water conduit. All options have their positive and negative points, but most homeowners prefer to use artesian wells for water supply;
  3. Wastewater and sewer system. If the house is located in an already inhabited village, then it is usually possible to connect to the city sewage system, but in most cases the projects of houses and cottages from a profiled bar include the organization of septic tanks or drain holes;
  4. Heating system. Wood remains one of the most flammable materials, so the construction of a boiler room and heating systems around the house require special attention. Instructions for the use of heaters must be used in strict compliance.

Additional buildings

None of the country houses can not do without various extensions and economic structures. If you plan to attach the garage, think about how convenient it will be to call in.

The distance from the bath house to the sanitary standards should be at least 8 m, and it should be at least 1 m away from the border of the neighboring site. Failure to comply with these requirements can cause problems with various inspection authorities and disputes with neighbors.

Project image of a house with a plot

The final part of the project is the improvement of the local area. Consider which zones you can divide it into and how to use it.

The video in this article will show the main steps in the design of a wooden house.


It’s very difficult to develop a project of your own home, but it’s still a solvable task. (see the article What are the advantages of cedar glued laminated timber). The right approach to construction will allow you to find a reliable and warm home that will serve your family for many, many years.

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