Houses from profiled timber - aesthetics, reliability and

Wood became known to mankind about 3 million years ago. In fact, the entire history of our civilization is associated with this material - it has been and will be used in construction, undergoing forms and forms. For example, today they build houses from profiled timber, preserving all the nature and advantages of wood.

Appearance of a structure from the profiled dried bar

General information

The most important use of wood is construction.

If previously there was simply no suitable structural material, then with the advent of such, it began to move into the category of "elite". The house of profiled timber has become a symbol of wealth of its owners.

The tree makes it possible to embody interesting architectural and artistic features and images that are dictated by the national Russian traditions. Therefore, natural origin comes first, which determines the ecological cleanliness of buildings, as well as the ability of lumber to "breathe."

Interior of a wooden house

In addition, wood is an excellent heat insulator.

It makes it possible to maintain an optimum temperature and humidity inside a wooden structure. Despite the many positive qualities of the material, it has several significant drawbacks.

These include:

  • ability to sustain burning;
  • in places with excess moisture in it fungi, mold can develop;
  • log house shrinkage;
  • deformation of geometric dimensions.

The last two points do not allow settling into a built house immediately. It is also impossible to install doors and windows during this period, as these openings may be subject to deformation.

Usually, a finished log house should last at least 6 months, which adversely affects the speed of construction.

Advice: it is better to withstand a house from a bar of natural moisture for 12 months before starting the next stage of work.

In the photo bar of natural moisture

New technologies came to the aid of the builders, which made it possible to remove the point associated with long waiting. For this purpose, a profiled bar, artificially dried to a certain humidity, was developed.

The benefits of this method have become obvious - the material has practically ceased to crack on the front side. In addition, the possibility of deformation almost became equal to "0".

Make a dry profiled timber from pine and spruce wood. Due to the fact that the core of the wood is saturated with resin, this lumber "defeated" other competitors.

After processing and drying, the timber on special woodworking machines set the profile and size with high precision using high quality tools.

Dried timber

The profiled timber obtained from a single piece of wood consists of:

  • landing head;
  • spike or groove;
  • insulating grooves;
  • finishing surface on the sides.

After these manipulations, the material does not need to be adjusted. The customer receives a fully finished timber for construction work.

The walls of the house with a profiled bar, dried in special chambers, do not require additional finishing. Thus, there is no need to use chemical impregnations and resins, which makes the building environmentally friendly.

The use of high-precision tools in the manufacture of the material, allows us to obtain an ideal surface finish, which does not require additional costs from the owners. Flat walls make it possible to fully utilize the internal space of the house.


Houses and villas of profiled timber - today one of the most sought after in the construction market. Their diverse designs can satisfy any demand. They are modern and confirm the prestige and well-being of their owners. You can assemble such a house yourself or use the services of the respective companies.

What is collected from it

Dry profiled timber is suitable for all kinds of structures:

  • houses;
  • baths;
  • arbors;
  • sauna.

Many prefer it because of its high environmental performance. The profile design is such that rainwater cannot penetrate inside the building. High-tech equipment allows you to achieve perfectly flat walls. This reduces the shrinkage of the material and increases the insulation of the house.

Vacation home

The ease of installation of profiled timber is known to all construction companies. To do this, it cuts grooves and spikes, which make it possible to create ideally smooth corners. The profile does not allow the logs to move, and they lie strictly in horizontally vertical planes. Fixing of additional elements occurs with the help of dowels.

The use of studs and screws simplifies the fastening of the material. Therefore, self-assembly of such buildings is not uncommon. The buyer orders the finished house set, which he delivered from the factory directly to the construction site.

Installation стен с помощью шпилек

Every detail in the factory is checked for compliance and has its own seat. As a result, the time frame for building a house is reduced to two months.

Tip: when choosing a profile bar, pay attention to its thickness.

Traditionally for residential buildings that are supposed to be used year-round, lumber is selected with a cross section of 200 mm. However, if the building is intended only for the spring-summer period, you can also stop at a 150 mm beam, the price of which is lower.


When using a profiled bar of natural moisture, you should remember about its shrinkage, which can be 10-15 cm, and dried up in special conditions up to 9 cm.

The whole process of assembling a house can be divided into five steps:

  1. Project preparation;
  2. Foundation device;
  3. Assembly дома;
  4. Roof installation;
  5. External and internal work.


A house is assembled from a profiled bar according to an agreed project. If you do not have the relevant experience and education, it is better to use ready-made - standard or individual, the latter will cost 25-40% more expensive. Professionally designed project will save time and money. Then you can build the house yourself.

Foundation work

A wooden house is a light construction, so at this stage the task is not difficult. It depends on the terrain and groundwater.

Most often used pile option, but if the level of groundwater is high, then the combined - tape-pile. The depth of installation of the latter is usually 2 m. The foundation must be reliably waterproofed from external moisture, for which purpose we apply roll or weld insulation.

Pile foundation

Build a wooden house

The process of building buildings from profiled timber resembles a “designer”. Numbered logs with glass slits come from the factory. It remains only to properly install them in place.

Advice: to each ready house kit there is an assembly instruction, facilitating the process.

If you have carpentry skills, you can buy lumber per running meter or cubic capacity, and then make the necessary items yourself. All this will require additional time, knowledge and effort.

  1. The first stage is preparatory. A waterproofing material is laid on top of the foundation, then a “cushion” (log with a cross section of 150 mm). Only then you can begin to assemble the walls.
  1. The second is the installation of walls.
  • At the same time, the tongue and groove of each element should be considered. If they are not complicated enough, for example, with one or two protrusions, then sealing material should be laid between the links. It will increase the insulation of the walls.

Each link should fit snugly to each other, otherwise moisture will get through the gaps, which will cause the material to rot. If the tongue and groove system is made in the form of a comb, sealing material is not necessary.

  • In each timber there are sawn cups connecting the links between themselves, creating a smooth laying. When they are not there, they can be cut out with a mobile cup cutter.
Laying walls of timber
  1. The third is the roof.
  • It should be noted that the profiled bar of natural moisture gives about 10% shrinkage during drying. Therefore, you must immediately put a draft roof, as the material may be subjected to deformation.

With her, the house should stand: in the summer - 8-12 weeks; in spring and autumn - 3-6 months; in winter - 3-6 months.

  • If the construction was used profiled timber, dried in special chambers, the roof can be installed immediately fair. The material will, of course, shrink, but it will not be critical for the structure.
Roof of a wooden house
  1. The fourth stage - external and internal work.
  • The house of profiled timber does not need additional finishing. Lumber after processing on high-class equipment takes the perfect aesthetic look.

However, the natural humidity can make its own adjustments - cracks on the walls will appear here and there. If you do not like it - you can make a simple finish.

Inside usually use putty and drywall. From the outside - lining, siding or decorative plaster.

  • It should not be forgotten that wood is a natural material that “breathes”. Therefore, you should install a ventilated facade outside so that moisture does not accumulate on the walls of the house.
  • Inside the building should also be waterproofed ceilings and floors, basements and basement.
  • The floor in a wooden house is better to make a wooden one, under which to install the "warm floor" system.
  • After that, you can install windows and doors, and then heating and electrical wiring.
Window opening in the house of timber


Building houses from profiled timber is not such a difficult task, which even an ignorant person in carpentry can do. However, it is better to allow professionals to do this.

The cost of work can not be compared with the quality that you will enjoy in two months. In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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