House projects from a bar with a garage - we consider the

If you decide to build a house from a bar with a garage, then this is really the right choice, because you are using affordable, and most importantly, eco-friendly material. In the country house building houses of timber are very common.

Therefore, the topic of this article will be log houses.

Project log houses with a garage.

On the use of timber in private housing

A house with a bar with a garage is a winning option, both economically and practically. In addition, recently appeared fashion for buildings made of wood. This is easy to explain, because residents of large and noisy cities often seek solitude somewhere in nature, and it is desirable that the appearance of a country house corresponds to the general mood.

The advantages of lumber buildings

  1. The use of timber (profiled or glued) allows you to avoid additional interior decoration, which is especially suitable for small country houses. (See the article on larch glued timber: practicality and environmental friendliness of your homes)
  2. During operation, the tree practically does not lose its basic qualities and properties. For lumber houses is not typical shrinkage of the foundation.
  3. The surface of the bars is quite qualitatively processed through the use of modern equipment.
  4. Such buildings are very fast erection.
In the photo - the construction of log houses.
  1. The surface of such walls remains intact during the entire process of operation, since the humidity in such houses rarely exceeds 14%.

The advantages of houses with a garage

  1. To get to the car, you will not need to go out in bad weather.
  2. The garage can be included in the home heating system.
  3. The garage can be used as a warehouse, utility room or workshop.
  4. Cost savings, since you will not have the need to build a detached major garage.
  5. Significant space savings, since the garage adjacent to the house will occupy a smaller area on the plot.

Choosing a material

Modern technologies of woodworking also do not stand still, and today the timber is presented in three versions:

  1. Rectangular (normal). It is the most common, since its price is most acceptable to the average buyer.
Rectangular (usual) bar.

Tip! Using a rectangular building material, you will have to make additional finishing of the walls with a block house, brick, siding, clapboard, etc.

  1. If you do not want to carry out the facade cladding, then it is advisable to give preference to the profiled bar, because it provides an excellent appearance of the walls without additional finishing.
    • Profiled timber is a very popular material due to the special thorn-groove shape. This allows you to qualitatively and quickly build a house and a garage, significantly improving not only the appearance of the walls, but also their thermal characteristics without using any additional plating. (See the article for more details. Which is better: a profiled bar or a rounded log for building a house?) Without a doubt, this is quite a practical material, ideal for building a cottage or a country house with a garage. The design of the profile eliminates the ingress of melting snow or rainwater in the inter-spring seam. Thus, possible foci of rotting are excluded.
    • Another advantage of the profiled building material is the lack of need for a cauldron at home after its shrinkage. This is a monolithic woodland, which is able to "breathe" and has a high environmental friendliness.
    The easiest version of glued laminated timber.
    1. Glued laminated timber. It is the most expensive building material of the entire line. Its main characteristics are:
      • High strength.
      • Minimal shrinkage and deformation.
      • Environmental friendliness.
      • Such houses can be built in one stage.

      Carry out the calculation of the amount of material

      Plan of the residential structure of timber

      Deciding to build a log house with a garage, you first need to make a plan and calculate the amount of material needed for construction work.

      This is pretty easy to do, for which there is a simple instruction:

      1. To begin with, we will define the parameters of the building. For example, a log house, including a garage, will measure 8 to 9 meters.
      2. It will be a one-story building with a ceiling height of 3 meters.
      3. The house will have such technical holes located on the supporting walls:
        • The front door is 0.9 meters by 2 meters.
        • 6 windows, the size of 0.8 by 1.2 meters.
        • Garage doors, measuring 2.5 by 2 meters.
        • Internal partitions will have a total length of 15 meters.
        • Technical openings of the interior walls - 4 doors, measuring 2 by 0.8 meters.
        The plan of the house greatly simplifies the implementation of calculations.

        Now we are counting a glued timber house with a garage:

        1. To begin with, we find the area of ​​the external partitions, multiplying the length by the height.
        2. The next step is to deduct all technical openings from the resulting partition wall area:
          • To do this, first find the area of ​​one window, then multiply the resulting figure by 6.
          • We add to the area of ​​windows the area of ​​the front door and garage doors.
          • Subtract from the area of ​​external walls area of ​​technological holes. Thus, we get the area of ​​material required for the construction of walls. Knowing the dimensions of a single beam, you can easily calculate the amount of material.

          Tip! It is not necessary in the calculations of the material for the walls to use special calculator programs available on the Internet, since they do not take into account the area of ​​technological holes, being characterized by a considerable degree of error.


          Design is an important moment of the whole construction, and it is better if experienced specialists will be engaged in it.

          Since it is often quite troublesome to attach a garage to a house from a bar with your own hands, the best option is to simultaneously build a house with a garage. (See also the article “A house from a bar for two families: advantages) Today, there are many projects of such buildings, so choosing the most optimal option is not difficult. The video in this article will answer the remaining questions on this topic.

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