Finishing concrete stairs - options for veneering laminate,

The concrete ladder is a strong and durable product, however, its appearance can hardly be called attractive. Of course, if such a structure is located outside the residential premises, then it is not critical, but if it is located in a house, then it must be finished. There are quite a few options for how to do this - finishing the concrete stairs with laminate, wood, carpet, etc.

Next, we take a closer look at the various options for finishing concrete stairs and their features, as well as consider the process of wood trimming.

Concrete staircase plating

Finishing options

Today, there is a large selection of building materials that can be used for the design of concrete staircase structures. Therefore, after installing the product, the owners are primarily interested in what to trim the concrete stairs in the house?

Here are the most popular options:

  • Laminate;
  • Tile or natural stone;
  • Wood;
  • Carpet covering;
  • Painting.

Now let's take a closer look at the features of each material.

Unfinished Concrete Staircase


Laminate is a rather interesting alternative to wood. Its main advantage is the low price and attractive appearance, imitating natural wood. Therefore, it is very popular when trimming staircase structures.

Laminate finish

Its disadvantages include the fact that a small area of ​​the steps does not allow installation in a floating way without disturbing the technology. At the same time, the thickness of the laminate panels is not enough for mounting in a manner similar to wood. In addition, the laminate has a smooth surface, so walking on such stairs can be slippery.

Tile or stone

Tile, stone, mosaic, granite or marble - all of these finishing options are similar to each other, so the choice is yours. The differences between them will be the cost and appearance of the finish.

Preferring one of the above options, it should be borne in mind that the design can be quite slippery.

Stone-trimmed staircase

Separately, it must be said about such material as a clinker tile, which is produced specifically for the decoration of stairs. It even has rounded edges, especially for the risers. This finishing option is reliable, durable, and at the same time quite safe.

It should also be noted that the clinker tile has a very attractive appearance. Therefore, the staircase, decorated in this way, will look quite presentable.


Perhaps the most popular design option for a concrete staircase is wood trim. Such plating looks attractive, brings coziness to the interior and can last for a long time if you follow certain rules for the operation and maintenance of the structure.

On the photo - carpeting

Carpet covering

Carpeting - has several advantages, in particular, this staircase is absolutely silent. In addition, the installation of the coating is not difficult to do it yourself. The material is usually fixed with wooden or plastic plinths, as well as brass rods, which are fixed in treads.

The only drawback is the complexity of caring for the carpet, as it is poorly cleaned, compared to other coatings.

Note! Before finishing, the concrete structure must be well dried. It may take two to three months.


If the presentability of the stairs does not play a special role, for example, if the design leads to the basement, then painting is an excellent finishing option. It does not take much time and effort, but at the same time protects the concrete from the negative effects of the environment, and also makes the product more attractive.

Decorating the stairs with a tree

As an example, consider how to decorate a concrete staircase with a tree, since this option is one of the most common and at the same time difficult. Of course, you should start with the choice of material.

Concrete staircase plating деревом

The most durable and suitable types of wood are:

  • Oak,
  • Beech;
  • Larch.

However, this wood is the most expensive, therefore, if it is not “affordable”, then it is quite possible to use cheaper pine.

So, the trim instruction looks like this:

  • First you need to make sure that all the steps have the same height. If this indicator is different, then the deficiency must be eliminated, otherwise the staircase will be unsafe. To level the height of the steps can be self-leveling mixture.
  • The next step is to assemble the plywood, which will perform the function of moisture insulation layer. The thickness of the plywood sheets must be at least 10-15 mm. In accordance with the size of the treads, cut the plywood blanks and fix them with dowels and adhesive mastic. At the same time it is necessary to check the position of the panels by level. Further steps and risers are made. They can be made independently or ordered in the workshop. In any case, you must first complete a template that will allow you to precisely make steps of the desired size.
  • Finishing a concrete staircase starts from below. The first set wooden riser. For this, bolts are screwed into its lower end so that they protrude from it, after which their caps are cut off.
  • Then, in the concrete, the location of the riser bolts are marked and holes are drilled for them.which are subsequently filled with epoxy glue.
  • Next, a groove is cut in the tread for the riser resting on it..
  • Before mounting the stage, the second riser is attached to it with screws..
  • Then the plywood is coated with “liquid nails” and a step is set.Its position must be checked by level and, if necessary, adjusted.
  • All other steps are mounted in the same way..
  • Next, installation of balusters and railings of concrete stairs. This procedure depends on their design. Most often balusters are fixed with anchor bolts.
  • The final stage is the installation of side panels that will hide the gaps between the concrete and wooden steps.. Installation of panels is carried out using self-tapping screws.
Wood Finished Staircase

Tip! Before finishing the stairs, it may require mechanical treatment, especially if the filling was done carelessly. In this case, use a tool with diamond nozzles, in particular, it may be necessary to cut reinforced concrete with diamond circles or diamond drill holes in the concrete.

This completes the staircase trim.


The choice of type of finish depends primarily on the personal preferences and financial capabilities of the owners. In addition, it is desirable that the trim was practical.

With regard to installation, then, as we found out, even such a relatively complex procedure, as the design of the lining of wood, you can perform yourself. However, for this you need to have some experience with wood.

From the video in this article, you can get more information on this topic.

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