Figures from concrete: making a form. filling and processing

Decor elements for garden plots or lawns in the form of figures have recently begun to gain enormous popularity. However, the cost to note that the cost of such products is sometimes very high, especially if they are exclusive. Therefore, the question of how to create concrete figures for the garden, is very interested in many masters.

Amateur photo of finished statues in the form of horses, which are made of concrete

Phased process

Для начала необходимо сказать о том, что данный процесс сам по себе довольно прост, но на его подготовительном этапе необходимо приложить массу усилий и определенных навыков. Учитывая это описание того, как создаются  фигурки для сада своими руками из бетона необходимо начинать со стадии изготовления эскиза (см.также статью «Армирование элементов монолитных железобетонных зданий: основы»).

In the presence of a finished sample, the form can be made very simply by making a preliminary impression in a soft material.

The form

First of all, you need to create a sketch of the future design. It is necessary to fully display all the details of the product and their colors.

  • It is worth noting that professional masters recommend not to use when designing figures of thin elements or areas that are very distant from the main trunk of the structure.. The fact is that when creating garden figures with your own hands from concrete, it will be very difficult to ensure their uniform and even full filling with the solution, even when using a vibrating table or other improvised means.
The better and more detailed the drawing in the form, the better the final product will look
  • It is worthwhile to say in advance that there are many ways to create a mold for subsequent casting.. It can be made from earth, clay, wood, metal, and even silicone. At the same time, professionals try to work with those materials that can be used several times to make their price pay off with performance.
  • It is important to say that the form can be collapsible or consist of two halves.. At the same time to create it is best to have artistic skills associated with the selected material or have a finished model for the print. Given these difficulties, many craftsmen prefer to buy ready-made forms for figures made of concrete, which in recent times are very often sold in the markets of building materials.

Tip! Therefore, unique and exclusive figures cost so much that for their production they create a separate disposable form. At the same time, collectors of such garden utensils are looking for exactly the data of its types and treat them as real objects of art.

The forms which are filled in with a solution, exposed on a special support before full drying


Обычно изготовление фигур из бетона начинается с размещения в форме необходимого количества арматуры (читайте также статью «Армирование железобетонных конструкций: на что обратить внимание»).

It should be said that some types of such products do not contain metal parts, but this applies only to small structures.

Removing the finished product will be much easier if the surface of the structure is oiled or greased before casting.
  • In order to then not produce diamond drilling holes in the concrete, it is worthwhile to think over the subsequent fastening of the figure to the surface and install it before casting.
  • Next, make a solution of cement with sand. At the same time, professional masters recommend creating it in proportions of 3 to 1 with the addition of a plasticizer. You can also use special formulations that are designed specifically for this purpose.
The simplest concrete products are created of the same type and even painted almost always the same.
  • The further casting process depends only on the form design. In this case, the tamping solution can be made both with your own hands using a stick, and on the vibrating table. If the form consists of two halves, which are poured separately, then it is then combined, and the joints are overwritten.

Tip! In order to remove air bubbles from the mixture, you can also use a hand-held vibrator, which is specially created for these purposes and is applied locally.

Some types of such products are also made of concrete, not plaster, but they require a lot of manual work.


  • After the product hardens, it must be removed from the mold and trimmed residues or straits. In this case, on complex shapes, it may be necessary to cut reinforced concrete with diamond circles.
  • Next, the structure is treated with a large amount of primer, applying it in layers. This is done in order to reduce the absorption of the material and increase its adhesion.
  • At the final stage, the figures are painted and put in their place, which is also desirable to prepare in advance.

Tip! Dye for such structures should be chosen based on the fact that they will be affected by various factors characteristic of the climate in this area.

Some types of shapes look great without any staining.


After reading the video in this article, you can get more information about this kind of work. Also on the basis of the article presented above, it should be concluded that for the manufacture of such figures, you must purchase a special form. Otherwise, the performer may be required certain skills (also learn how the reinforcement of aerated concrete occurs).

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