Dry profiled timber: types and uses

Timber can be considered one of the most popular building materials. It is used in almost all stages of the construction of houses, and sometimes the entire structure is made from it. At the same time, a dry profiled bar has several types that are significantly different from each other and are used in different industries and tasks.

It is important to note that when there is a conversation about building materials made from wood, it is understood that the product will be specially prepared and dried. Otherwise, it will only be suitable for creating formwork or auxiliary structures.

Variants of various types of timberAmateur photo of the construction is completely made of this material.


There is little variety of this type of material, but if you are going to build a structure with your own hands, you need to know them all. This will help in the design of houses and cottages of timber and will greatly facilitate the installation and subsequent finishing.

Standard type of timber with four profiles

Four profiles

This type of timber is made in such a way that four profiles appear along its length. The result is a log, which from the end has a square shape.

Such a timber is considered the most popular among builders, because it has a lot of applications.

  • Due to its shape, it is used as beams for the organization of floors made of timber.
  • Also, this design is very convenient for creating a truss system.
  • Separately, it is worth noting the fact that during the construction of a bath from a dry profiled bar, the same material is used, since it is quite easy to handle and will allow for finishing work without taking into account the curvature of surfaces.
  • Houses are built from this type of building element, usually in the case when wall and inside walls are supposed to be sewn inside and outside. However, there are such masters who leave a similar surface without finishing.

Tip! When buying a bar, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of its drying. If the material is raw, it will lead over time, and cracks may appear.

The appearance of the wall of material with two flat surfaces

Two profiles

Most often, the construction of dry profiled timber, treated on both sides, is the construction of log cabins. Such material is just perfect for this purpose, since it has parallel planes for installation and a convex structure to give the product a classic appearance, so popular in Russia.

Also this type of timber can be used to create load-bearing structures and support devices. However, other material may be suitable for these purposes, the price of which is much lower.

Quite often, this timber is used to create a certain interior. It is often used by designers in the design of public spaces or to give a certain kind of buildings, intended for recreation.

It should be remembered that the production of dry profiled timber does not imply the creation of a perfectly smooth convex surface, and therefore in some cases it will be necessary to bring the aesthetic appearance of the structure to the required level.

Tip! When working with this material, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it comes in the form of long logs, which means that when designing a future structure, it is necessary to accurately calculate the distance from the corners to the windows and doorways. This will avoid overspending and creating additional joints.

The bar made together with special grooves and edges for the organization of the lock at installation

Three profiles

When a bath is created from a dry profiled bar, it is sometimes necessary to create an additional layer of insulation. At the same time, it is much easier for the master to work with a flat surface, since it doesn’t have to spend so much effort on filling the hollows, and you don’t need to use a large amount of material.

However, the appearance of the design almost always wants to leave the classic, having a log surface. For such purposes, manufacturers of dry profiled timber produce material with three edges.

Parallel surfaces are used for mounting the crowns, and the perpendicular part is designed to create a certain appearance on the facade. The result is a product that is conveniently mounted, can be easily insulated and at the same time has one decorative surface.

Tip! It is best to have a convex surface face inward. This will create a good interior in the old style and will provide an opportunity to properly and efficiently produce external insulation of the structure from a bar.

Glued laminated timber causes mistrust in many builders, since it cannot provide the necessary strength and does not let air through

Calibrated beam

This type of material is significantly different from all the others, because it has the exact dimensions and increased requirements to the quality of drying.

All this is achieved through a special manufacturing process.

  • To begin with, the logs are machined, giving it a shape with four edges. However, their parameters are several centimeters more than necessary.
Drying of wooden materials is carried out in special cabinets, which, in addition to heating elements, can be equipped with vacuum pumps.
  • The material is then folded and subjected to chamber drying. At the same time, each next layer should go perpendicular to the first one, and it is necessary to install a load at the top of the structure, which would affect the whole area of ​​the folded beam.
  • After the material has been dried, it is again set on the machine and processed to give it the exact dimensions.
Installation of a bar with notches and a sealant in the form of a rubber gasket
  • When performing this process, the production instruction involves the use of special machines with minimal error when cutting, and in large enterprises they use devices like peeling mechanisms, which not only reduce manufacturing costs, but also give a bar with a smooth surface.

Tip! The cost of such products is quite high, so it is used in critical areas of construction or, if necessary, to obtain a product with exact dimensions.

The quality of wood drying is checked using a special device.

Tips sellers

Quite often, some suppliers use deception, which allows them to give raw wood for dry timber. To do this, the material is kept for some time outdoors in sunny weather, and its surface dries out slightly. An inexperienced person does not distinguish such a trick at first sight and will not be able to determine the degree of drying.

Material with a notched lock causes a lot of suspicion among modern builders, since the slightest disturbance in the technology of its production and even storage can lead to the fact that the functions of its elements can be violated, which will cause a lot of problems during installation

Therefore, when going to the building materials market to buy a bar, you need to take a specialist with you or ask the seller to measure the humidity with your own device, which will always be present with decent suppliers.

Also it is necessary to focus on such an indicator as the price. The fact is that dry wood cannot cost a little more than wet, because the cost of proper drying is quite high, and its process takes a lot of time.

Tip! It is best to buy material in stationary and proven stores, where sellers are responsible for the quality of their goods.

When purchasing any sawn timber it is very important to pay attention to their storage conditions, since they can affect the quality of the goods.


In the presented video in this article you will find additional information on this topic. Also on the basis of the text presented above, it can be concluded that this material has several different types, which differ significantly from each other. They have a different shape and scope.

At the same time, dry profiled bar of vacuum drying is considered to be one of the best materials for construction, since it is easily processed and does not require complicated installation. Also, its ecological purity no one causes no doubt, and accessibility is regulated only by the grade of products.

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