Diy concrete rings: making at home

Suburban economy can not do without hydraulic structures: septic tanks, sewers and wells. The easiest way to build such objects with rings made of reinforced concrete. We will tell you how to make concrete rings yourself, how to make a mold for them and how to mix concrete solution correctly.

Nothing is more native than the fruits of their own labor.


General information

In the photo we see one of the formwork design options.

Reinforced concrete rings - one of the best solutions for the construction of concrete wells and septic tanks. The technical characteristics of concrete rings make it possible not to worry about their integrity in conditions of freezing soil, which became the decisive criterion when choosing materials for our climatic conditions.

However, it is not always possible to purchase and deliver concrete products to the construction site, because the price of delivery often exceeds the cost of the product itself. Considering how much it costs to bury a concrete ring, the project can cost a lump sum. In some regions there are no construction warehouses or shops at all, so everything has to be done independently.

ZhB of a ring - the best decision for a septic tank.

For this it is necessary to solve three problems:

  1. Make a form - formwork for the product;
  2. Knead quality concrete mortar;
  3. Lay the mixture in the form, and upon completion of curing free the product from the formworkwithout damaging the latter.
It is important to ensure easy dismantling of the formwork.

Note! You can buy ready-made formwork, but then the whole point of our venture is lost, because we are not going to open ancillary production, and for one construction such an acquisition is unprofitable.

Mold making

We learn to make a form for rings.

The ring of concrete is a segment of a cylinder with a wall thickness of 80 to 160 mm. Thus, the product itself has inner and outer diameters, with the outer one being 8–16 cm larger than the inner one. This means that we need to select two steel cylinders with the specified size difference.

Tip! Concrete rings with a bottom can be made by pouring a pre-slab at the bottom of the pit into which the product will be installed.

The standard ring has a height of 90 cm with an internal diameter of 1 m, and the wall thickness is usually 160 mm. However, we can deviate from the sizes accepted in GOST and proceed from the available improvised means. The only thing that needs to be considered is the wall thickness of at least 10 cm and the height and weight of the product that are adequate for subsequent installation.

Standard dimensions of the product according to GOST.

Concrete rings with a lock to make more difficult, so we will make products with a smooth edge.

Note! Metal barrels, segments of air ducts, pipes and other similar products are suitable for our purposes. It can also be small tanks or tanks, the main thing - a cylindrical shape, the difference in diameters within 10 - 15 cm and durable metal walls.

Now to the point.

Step-by-step instruction will help you to make the form yourself:

  1. We take the prepared larger cylinder and draw vertical lines opposite each other on its outer and inner walls, and the inner line must be a projection of the outer one. Along these lines outside we weld window or door hinges, two on each side.

    Weld the loop along the line of the future cut.

  2. Inside, we cut the cylinder with a grinder along the line so as not to damage the hinges. On the one hand, we also cut the retainers from the spindles in the loops.

    Cut the cylinder into two parts and remove the retainers from the spindles.

  3. We take out the spindles from the hinges and open the product, we develop it several times. The mold should open easily.

    Open and develop the cylinder.

  4. We take a segment of the inner cylinder and draw the same lines, only this time they should divide the circle into two unequal parts, one of which is twice the size of the other. Along these lines we weld the same hinges, only from the inside.

    Weld the loop from the inside along the lines.

  5. We cut the cylinder in two outside the grinder, we try not to damage the welded hinges. We cut the spindle clamps on one side and open the smaller sash inward, develop its course.

    Green color indicates the movable leaf, which opens inwards.

Note! The height of the inner cylinder should exceed the height of the outer by 10 - 15 cm for ease of laying concrete mix.

Ring making

How much it costs to dig in a concrete ring depends on the method of installation.

For the manufacture of the ring formwork cylinders must be installed on a flat pallet. It can be a metal or wooden shield or a tightly rammed earth.

Then, in the space between the cylinders, it is necessary to install reinforcing mesh, which can be purchased or made from steel wire independently.

It looks like a homemade wire grille.

For easy transportation and installation of the product, insert the ears of thick wire or reinforcement with a diameter of 5 - 6 mm into the grille.

Between the cylinders, at about half of their height, we insert wooden struts, the thickness of which is equal to the thickness of the walls of the future product. This is necessary so that during the laying of the formwork details are not displaced relative to each other.

After that, knead the concrete solution. To do this, we take cement brand M400 or higher and mix with sieved sand and washed from clay in a ratio of 1: 2.5.

Then add water in the amount of 0.5 - 0.7 of cement, so that the mixture is not too oily, but not lean.

Water is added carefully, in small portions.

Add 5 parts of rubble and mix the mixture thoroughly by hand or using a concrete mixer. The finished solution is laid in the mold to a height of about 30 cm, then carefully ram it with a piece of reinforcement or a shovel holder. You can lean a perforator into the formwork in the impact mode and gently vibrate the concrete.

Then, similarly, we lay them layer by layer, when we get to the half, wooden wedges can be removed. Gradually fill the form and gently level the upper edge of the ring, try to make it as smooth and smooth as possible.

Do not forget to insert the

We leave the product for three days in the shade under a canopy. After their expiration, we take out the spindle of the inner formwork and open it inside. Then, similarly remove the outer part of the form. The ring is left in place for 10 - 15 days, we moisten it and protect it from direct sunlight and wind.

When manufacturing a concrete septic tank, it is important to decide how to seal concrete rings. The easiest way to apply waterproofing and sealant, but there is a more reliable way.

The polyethylene insert solves the problem of septic tightness.

Note! Plastic inserts in concrete rings allow you to get rid of the danger of leaks for 30 - 50 years.


If necessary, you can make a concrete ring yourself at home. The video in this article will help to better understand the technology of production of the product.

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