Designing a house of aerated concrete: features of the base,

Aerated concrete is one of the most popular materials in modern construction. This is due to the fact that it has several advantages over other products for the construction of walls and is environmentally friendly. However, these types of products have a number of specific properties, so the masters prefer to use ready-made designs of aerated concrete houses or experts trust this process to prevent mistakes during installation.

Amateur photo of the building of aerated concrete, which shows that it needs additional finishing, which must be taken into account in the project

Characteristics affecting operation

Для начала необходимо сказать о том, что сам процесс возведения стен практически ничем не отличается от того, который используется при работе с камнем или кирпичом. При этом проект дома 10х10 из газобетона имеет кардинальные расхождения в области создания фундамента, утепления и гидроизоляции. Это и следует учитывать при создании чертежей (см.также статью «Рассмотрим все плюсы и минусы газобетона»).

Base of aerated concrete blocks


First of all, you need to mention that for buildings of this type you need to use a solid and solid foundation, which has a good depth. Pile foundations are usually not used for such purposes, but some 6-to-6 projects of aerated concrete allow such constructions in the presence of a monolithic grillage.

Monolithic foundation

Some masters prefer to make the foundation of blocks on the basis of aerated concrete. This is a pretty good solution, but only with good waterproofing.

Typically, a typical project of the house of aerated concrete is developed on a strip foundation. At the same time, it is done not only around the perimeter of the building, but also under partitions and stair flights.

Tip! The foundation for a specific project should not be used for the construction of other houses. The fact is that during its development the calculation of strength, distribution of loads and soil features is made. Therefore, such a decision will lead either to a reduction in the service life or to the waste of materials.

Reinforcement tape base


Creating projects of houses 9 9 of aerated concrete and the like, the specialist is faced with the task of how to protect the building from the cold and not harm the positive characteristics of the material. The fact is that such blocks are perfectly breathable and have a porous structure, which in itself is a pretty good insulation.

Therefore, only certain mounting options are suitable for such constructions.

Warming с использованием кирпичной или каменной кладки
  • Most often, professional craftsmen use the lining of the building with the use of materials for fixing, which need a crate. The insulation is placed in the resulting space. Also in it lay waterproofing, which conducts the air, but does not let moisture.
  • You can also make the lining with facing bricks, which are placed at a short distance from the walls, also creating a gap for insulation. Usually the price of this method of finishing the facade is quite high, but the resulting quality and good appearance fully justifies all the costs. It should be noted that during the laying of bricks, it is necessary to create special technological holes that would allow air to penetrate inside.
The use of cladding materials on the framework of crates
  • A great solution for doing your own hands is the use of sandwich panels. However, such projects are good only for regions with cold and long winters, where the use of rather expensive materials, both for construction and for insulation, will be justified.

Tip! Considering the fact that aerated concrete itself is a good insulation, it is best to select such systems, guided by considerations of economy.

The layout of the rooms and their dimensions is only part of the project.

Material and waterproofing

It is important to say that almost all blocks of this type are very good at wicking. This is due to the fact that their porous structure does not have separate air capsules, as in foam concrete. Therefore, the choice of waterproofing must also be approached with skill.

The principle of laying blocks is practically the same as building stone walls.

Professional masters advise to use mineral wool or blocks in combination with a film that conducts air. In this case, the installation manual assumes the creation of a vapor barrier, which means that the film is placed on both sides of the insulation.

You can also use liquid mixtures to protect from the cold, because they also do not let moisture through. However, such structures will not have a good appearance, if you do not use a preliminary putty.

Tip! Choose materials for insulation and waterproofing, it is necessary based on the region for which the project is being developed. This will help save and solve the problem with maximum efficiency.

Special film to create a waterproofing


Ознакомившись с видео в этой статье можно более подробно ознакомиться с проектами, разработанными под данный вид материала. Также взяв за основу текст, представленный выше, следует сделать вывод о том, что газобетонные блоки имеют характеристики, которые необходимо учитывать еще на стадии создания чертежей (см.также статью «Объемная масса бетона в качестве одного из классификаторов: основные виды и их характеристики»).

Otherwise, you can make a number of errors or waste material.

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