Decorative plaster for concrete - a modern and original

Decorative plaster for concrete with your own hands - this is one of the most original, inexpensive and unusual ways to design the surface of the walls, which also does not take much of your time. This finishing option is best suited for those who prefer the unusual interiors of ultra-modern format. Excellent operating performance and simple application technology leaves ample opportunity to translate your wildest ideas.

Modern room design

Main properties and characteristics of decorative coatings for concrete

Decorative plaster of concrete - a finishing material, which is endowed with a mass of advantages and is almost devoid of drawbacks. The reason for the popularity of such material is not only its positive characteristics, but also a rather original appearance, which is welcome in modern interior styles. (See also the article Aerated concrete facing: how to do.)

The advantages of plaster for concrete

As already mentioned, this kind of decoration has many advantages, and in this list we will try to highlight the most important of them:

  • Excellent aesthetic performance. The appearance of the walls covered with this kind of finishing material can be called original and unusual, which attracts the consumer;
  • A large assortment. On the modern market you can find various plasters for concrete, differing not only in their performance, but also in the field of application. This may be the simplest sand-cement mixtures for the treatment of the facade of the building and professional building materials with high waterproof and noise insulation properties;
  • Low thermal conductivity. Premises, walls in which are covered with compositions of this type are characterized by a high degree of thermal efficiency and allow saving on heating and 25%;
  • High strength created coating;

Note! The high level of density of the frozen composition deposited on the concrete wall necessitates the use of such a method as diamond drilling holes in concrete, if necessary, for example, hang a picture.

  • Easy to apply. To create a coating of such finishing material it is not necessary to be a professional with a wealth of experience. The process of applying the composition is as simple as possible even in the case of mechanical finishing.
Modern bedroom finish

In addition to the listed operational advantages, this finishing material also has advantages that are very important in decorative terms. (See also the article Putty for concrete: features.)

These include:

  • Not expressed relief that allows to create absolutely individual and unique surfaces;
  • Interspersing small stones and sand makes it possible to achieve a rough surface effect;
  • Huge range of shades of gray;
  • The ability for a long time to maintain its original appearance;
  • The ability to create a layer of different thickness.

Note! Finishing the mass of this kind is essentially textured plaster, which can be applied to the wall with a layer up to 3 cm, and in addition to a smooth coating can be created, the so-called torn coating, which has many cavities and bumps.

Textured coating

After the plaster is applied to the surface, it retains a plastic structure for a long time. This is to say that the master has enough time to give the surface the desired relief, for example, using the method of artistic carving.

Also, a fairly original surface can be obtained by stencil design, for the implementation of which polyurethane dies are used for decorative concrete and plaster.

An example of using stamps

The disadvantages of the coating under the concrete

The disadvantages of this type of decoration include only the following two points:

  1. Long period of drying of the finishing layer;
  2. High price of building mix.
In the photo - several options for the texture in the decor

Making a concrete finish yourself

The technology for creating a coating of this kind is quite simple and straightforward. Decorative material does not require any special actions or production of complex processes from the master.

Absolutely all stages of application can be made by the owner independently according to the stages, which are stipulated by the following instruction:

  1. Preparatory events. The surface that is being prepared for finishing should be clean, dry, free from greasy stains and dust;

Council If there are small defects in the form of cracks, then they are completely unnecessary to patch up, because they will be filled with plaster.

Concrete coating on the floor
  1. Primer. Primer - a tool that must be deeply absorbed into the surface. This procedure is necessary to ensure better bonding of the base with the finish;
  2. Application of the solution. Decorative plaster art concrete - a mixture that is sold in finished form, so in the process of transferring it to the finished surface is nothing complicated. For this stage, you will need a spatula, with which the material is applied to the wall with a layer of the required thickness;
  3. Artistic decoration. Often a style that welcomes such a finish implies minimalism. For this reason, it is enough to leave the surface uneven and rough, but you can create relief using a variety of tools;
  4. Create a protective layer. In order to increase the lifespan of the created coating, and to give the surface a glossy effect, materials such as wax or varnish can be used.

Council There is absolutely no need to paint the walls decorated in this way, because the plaster already has the right shade. The use of acrylic paints is advisable only to impart visual effects.

The process of painting design fragments

When the material is completely dry, only cutting the reinforced concrete with diamond circles will help to change its texture or layer thickness.


Living room interior

Decorative finishing under concrete is the granular covering endowed with high decorative indicators and operational characteristics. The simplicity of applying such a modern and original coating allows you to decorate the room in a modern interior with each owner with your own hands. The simplicity of the finish of this type makes the interior a stylish, modern and concise.

And the video in this article will tell you even more about the unique decorative characteristics of the finishing under the concrete.

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