Decorative beam for the ceiling: the subtleties of choice

Traditional ceiling beams are actually hardwood floors that are left open. This is done for a beautiful visual effect - the texture of natural wood perfectly complements the flat or spherical ceiling. The design can only carry a decorative function and be made of wood or plastics and resins.

Original solution with decorative beams

Ceiling beams made of synthetic materials improve the appearance of the rooms. They are incredibly realistic, easy to install with their own hands and maintain. Timber and logs create a very warm and cozy atmosphere in the houses.

Where and how to use decorative ceiling beams

Country house

Decorative beams for the ceiling bring rural flavor to the overall atmosphere of the house.

Using the following ideas to decorate a room, it is easy to add interest to her:

  • when the ceilings are extremely high, the decorative timber reduces them a little, making the room more comfortable and giving the room some depth. The use of timber of various thickness depending on the height of the ceiling in the room can completely change the design;
  • the decoration of a typical rural home will complement and complete the textured beams radiating from the ceiling;
  • houses where there is a lot of dark wood trim, including on the floor, need a balance of color. Adding wood of the same shade to the ceiling will solve the problem;
  • Decorative ceiling beams can be used in a narrow room by simply placing it horizontally, one after another at equal distances. This gives the room width and makes it visually larger. On the other hand, in a wider room, it should be used vertically:
  • By combining ceiling beams with other materials, such as gypsum, it is easy to create a romantic mood with dim and indirect lighting.

Designing a ceiling with a decorative beam is not a difficult task, a little creativity, and you can come up with almost any design.

Types of decorative timber

Today, there are many options for finishing the ceiling - from real hard wood to lightweight foam, painted in the desired color. Elements with straight and curved sections are available, which allows you to decorate the ceiling at your discretion.

Materials for ceiling beams:

  • solid wood - the most beautiful, but also an expensive option. Its use is appropriate in real log houses or dwellings that can withstand a large load on the floor. The wood is quite heavy, but the look is natural.
  • veneer - is much cheaper than a natural array, but has the same beautiful texture. It is lighter and does not exert excessive load on the overlap.
  • artificial materials - foam plastic, vinyl. The price for them is the most attractive, they are especially light and easy to install. Even with a large amount of weight will be small.

Methods of fixing the beam on the ceiling

Beam installation

Decorative beams on the ceiling mounted independently is quite simple. To do this, you only need to buy the necessary material, having previously prepared the project, and stock up on tools.

Tools for mounting timber:

  • roulette;
  • stairs;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • small saw;
  • a set of dowels for the timber;
  • wood glue;
  • a belt sander if preference is given to natural wood;
  • pencil;
  • drill;
  • drill.

Note! The set of tools varies depending on the type of material for the ceiling beams.

The procedure for installation of timber from natural wood

Installation of timber on the ceiling

Before you proceed directly to the installation of a decorative beam, you need to buy it. To do this, measure the space of the ceiling where the installation is planned. To purchase the required amount, which is enough until the end of the work. You should choose how and in which direction the beams will be located and make marks with chalk.

Instructions on how to mount beams:

  1. mark the workpiece for cutting;
  2. get up on the stairs and press the timber tightly to the ceiling;
  3. at a distance of 5-15 cm using a screwdriver to fasten it;
  4. to give the desired color to paint or varnish.
Coloring timber

This is the easiest and least time-consuming option. Difficulty may arise only at the painting stage, so it can be done even before installation.

Imitation beam installation

Imitation timber on the ceiling: decorative design elements

Work begins by calculating the number of items required. Since this is only an imitation, often made of artificial materials, then they will not be cut off later. It is better to give preference to natural wood, it does not harm health.

The procedure for calculating the amount of material:

  1. the ceiling area is specified;
  2. measured surface area of ​​imitation timber;
  3. The resulting numbers are divided as follows: ceiling / timber. This will be the required number of blanks.

The ceiling in a log house is usually made of wood - this greatly facilitates the work, for it is very easy to install any workpiece. The mount must be completely invisible. The most suitable options are: clamping, screws with plugs, which are then polished.

Stages of work:

  • tighten the cord to check the horizontal structure;
  • installation of a framework to which imitation of a bar will fasten.

Note! For the correct installation of the imitation of the ceiling beam, a frame is used - a metal profile or a wooden bar with a size of 2 * 2.5 cm. It is easier and more convenient to install the beam on natural wood.

  • the decorative beam is processed on the basis of the obstacles encountered in its path;
  • the beam is put on the frame and attached to it with screws.

After all the structural elements are installed, it is necessary to decorate the joints. The ceilings in the house of timber require an appropriate neat finish and leave the beams in their original form is not always possible.

The joints are closed with decorative metal belts or plates, rope, U-shaped rings.

Photo of a decorative element

Even before the start of installation, engineering communications can be positioned along the center line: hide wires or pipes. This is convenient - they are not only invisible, but they also steal a useful area from the room.


Decorate a log cottage with decorative elements for everyone. Decorative beams, which only imitate heavy ceiling structures, are in fact light. They do not have a load on the floor, you can hide communication in them. More on this topic in the video in this article, look!

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