Concrete well - instructions for use

At the present time it is not at all easy to independently create any element of the sewage system at your country site, for example, a rain-well concrete well. Practically anyone can acquire such a structure, and we will tell you about concrete wells and their arrangement in detail below.

Such products can be a decoration of the site.

Special features

In order to have an idea about such a structure, one should study all its main characteristics. Only a complete set of information will allow to conduct objective reasoning (find out here what a mobile concrete plant is).


Subject to the laws of the genre, first consider the positive qualities of such structures:

  • High installation speed. Well of concrete rings with your own hands can be built in the shortest possible time.
  • Quality fit elements to each other, which ensures the absence of gaps.
  • The correct form (in geometrical terms).
  • Simple waterproofing. They are fairly easy to protect from moisture.
  • High durability and, as a result, long service life.
  • Reasonable price. You do not spend on the construction of large funds (except transportation costs). This fact now often comes to the fore.


Everything in this world has its drawbacks. They also need to know to form an objective opinion.

Therefore, we also consider them.

On this photo you can see the main components of the structure described by us.
  • Big weight (several centners). This fact greatly complicates transportation. As a result, shipping costs increase.
  • Such designs are almost impossible to move even for short distances without specialized equipment.
  • If there are unevenly spaced loads, the concrete will begin to crack. Therefore, they must be installed strictly vertically.
  • The complexity of the adjustment. If it is necessary to change the shape of the product, only cutting the reinforced concrete with diamond circles will help. If, however, give preference to samples of PVC, then this procedure will be much easier to produce.

How to choose the right place

Remember that the choice of location will depend on the quality of the water, as well as the safety of buildings nearby.

Therefore, our instructions will announce the basic requirements:

  • You can not place it too close to any buildings, because they will begin to subside over time. The minimum distance from any capital construction (cottage, house, bath, etc.) is 5 meters. The recommended - 20 meters (of course, the dimensions of the site do not always allow to follow this instruction).
Here you can see why it is so important to carefully choose a place.
  • At the same time, it is important to determine the places where the groundwater has the maximum flow rate (amount of water). Previously, a “rod” or wire frame was used for this, but today everything has become much simpler. You can contact the specialized offices, which, having the right equipment, will give you a guarantee for the most efficient place.

Tip: ask around neighbors who have wells. Such a measure will determine the optimal depth of water.

Create a well

So it is time to give an answer to the question of how to make a well from concrete rings. In order to make it easier for you to understand everything, we will divide this procedure into several stages.


You can perform this manipulation using two different methods. Which one to choose is up to you. We only provide information.

First way

This technique is the most simple and popular.

It consists in the following:

  • The first thing you will need to dig a hole of suitable depth (we talked about this earlier). However, its diameter should be 20-25 cm larger than the ring. It is possible to dig a hole both manually (if a small depth is supposed) and with the help of specialized equipment.
Manually it will be extremely difficult to dig a hole

Note! If we are talking about manual "excavations", then be sure to build a tripod - a device for raising the soil. Also do not forget about the insurance for digging, because the earth may collapse.

  • When a pit is dug out of it, it is necessary to pump out sand with water.. Otherwise, the structure will not have reliable support, because the ground will begin to sag heavily.
  • Next, set the first ring to the bottom of the pit. You need to wear a few H-shaped braces on it. These elements will prevent distortion during installation.
  • The second ring is set on the second, and so on.. Joints must be lubricated with a liquid waterproofing or just cement mortar.

This method is necessary to mount the remaining elements.

Second way

The previous method is the simplest: before you install the concrete rings in the well, dig a hole in which they are installed.

However, you can do these manipulations almost simultaneously.

Small products can be dragged even without the help of special equipment.
  • The first step is digging a hole for the first ring. At the same time it should have such a depth that it protrudes slightly.
  • Then the pit digs along the inner perimeter of the ring to the same depth. Then, gradually removed from the ground under its walls, which would lead to the design immersion.
  • Having achieved the immersion of the first element, you can install the second one on it. Do not forget to put on the brackets. We also do the following.
  • This method needs to be dug until there is an intense flow of water on the way.

Regardless of the method chosen, you will need to create communication lines. To do this, using diamond drilling holes in concrete, create the conditions for the installation of the pipe. At the same time, remember that the drill should be a few millimeters thicker than the pipe.

Also, do not forget to gloss over the joints with waterproofing or mortar.


Here you can see a competently created system.

Now many people began to wonder how to insulate a well of concrete rings. For this reason, we decided to touch on this stage as well.

When it is needed

In most cases, such an operation is mandatory.

There may be two cases:

  • In situations where the water table is high. This will lead to the fact that an ice layer is frozen on the surface, which can reach a thickness of up to 60 cm. With any impact (for example, turning on the pump), this crust may collapse, which will suffer significant damage.
  • If the pit has a small depth. In this case, the design can simply freeze everything, which will lead to cracking of the concrete, breakage of the cable, freezing of the pump and other disastrous results. This all will require very expensive repairs.

However, in some cases, insulation is not required. In particular, if the water is located below the level of freezing, that is, it is not covered with ice.

How to protect against cold

If you make a little effort and turn on the fantasy, the decorative house can become a real decoration of the facade.

Now let us consider in what ways it is possible to protect the structure from such a fatal frost:

  • Install a warm cover, or a small decorative house.
  • To warm the inner walls of the well with any material. In this case, the cover should also take care.
  • Drain the system before frost. Such a measure is required in those situations if the house does not live permanently.

It is best to use a combined protection against cold, that is, to pay attention to all three aspects described above. Remember that if the system becomes unusable, its repair will require impressive expenses. Therefore, prevention is the right solution.


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