Concrete pumping concept and characteristics

Most large construction companies use concrete pumps. With their help, the mixture is transported for the manufacture of foundations, various monolithic structures in the shortest possible time. In this article will be provided and reviewed the devices installed on the truck, for example, used at a concrete pump.

In the photo - the supply of the solution directly to the construction site.

How it works

The main purpose of such equipment is the feed for pouring the finished concrete solution in a horizontal or vertical direction with an inclination of the feed cone within 60-120 mm. Establish a truck-mounted concrete pump on the chassis, the drive is hydraulic.

The boom located here consists of several hinged-connected sections and a concrete pipe line, through which a concrete solution passes, mixed in definite proportions. Usually they do not do it by hand, but they are centrally brought from a factory to a place determined by the construction plan or are made on site using a mini concrete plant.

Note! You can not use the equipment for the manufacture of the solution, the installation only pumps it from one point to another, facilitating and accelerating the construction process.

Truck mounted pump with boom extended


The design of the concrete pump has several elements with which it works and transports the finished mixture.

The main components are:

  • concrete transport cylinders;
  • gidrocilindry;
  • piston group;
  • reception funnel;
  • concrete pipeline.

With the help of hydraulic cylinders pistons of concrete transport cylinders are set in motion with a certain interval. The instruction is simple, during this process, the ready-made mortar is captured, which at that moment is in the receiving funnel, and is transported to the pipelines, in accordance with the working tact.

Concrete pump with folded boom


Below we consider the technical characteristics of the concrete pump:

  1. With the help of a hydraulic drive, the solution moves freely in the concrete line, in addition, the drive serves several more tasks - the capacity and working pressure are adjusted, thanks to which all units and mechanisms work in a rather gentle manner.
  2. Concrete pumps, which have a hydraulic drive and a two-piston engine, provide the feed rate of the solution from 5 m3/ h to 65 m3/ s.
  3. The maximum feeding distance of various grades of concrete is not more than 400 m in the horizontal direction and not more than 80 m in the vertical.

To calculate the performance, the following formula is used: П т = I • A • kH • n • 3600, where:

  • I - piston stroke (m);
  • And - section of the piston (m);
  • kN is the coefficient of filling with a solution of a concrete transport cylinder (0.8–0.9);
  • n is the number of double stroke of the piston.
A visual representation of the process of pouring the foundation using a mobile unit

One of the main features of this model, in addition to mobility, is its performance, which is determined by the parameters of the concrete pipe and boom. It should be said that the price of construction will greatly increase, in this case it is compensated by speed and savings in labor resources.

The distribution boom on standard equipment consists of three sections, which are connected by articulated joints. It is placed on the swivel mechanism mounted on the chassis and supported on it by means of a frame. She turns 360,? and its working length can be no more than 19 m.

The equipment operates in the temperature range from -5? С to +40? С, at a supply voltage of 380 V. There are modifications that allow it to function in an autonomous mode, then the equipment is provided by a diesel engine. Its power is measured in kW and depends on the model.


Automobile concrete pump is called special equipment designed for pumping concrete. Unlike the stationary concrete pump, it is installed on a mobile chassis, so there is the possibility of delivering the finished solution directly to the work site.

With such transportation reduces the power of the pump, but makes it possible to use it more efficiently. Any types of automatic pumps are not able to transport large volumes of solution.

Advice: you should not pinpoint yourself with such a problem, since many construction projects do not need high power equipment.

Production at sub-zero temperatures

Currently, types of concrete pumps are divided into groups by the number of pumped concrete per hour:

up to 60 m3/ sас Conventional installation provided optimal and proper use.
up to 200 m3/ s Some types of concrete pumps have higher rates. It should be noted that these data were obtained when working with an ideal solution and without luffing an arrow.

In the construction industry, there are other classifications by which the distribution of varieties of automotive concrete pumps.

For example, in terms of dimensions or, if possible, extension of an arrow:

  1. If we analyze the current models of installations, the latter parameter varies in the range of 22-64 m.
  2. For complex objects, which is not possible to adjust the car, use units with higher rates.

Also one of the important factors is considered to be the height to which it is possible to push the boom.

The principle of operation of piston cylinders

Tip: when calculating it should be borne in mind that the greater the height, the more powerful the pump motor must be.

It depends on the fact that gravity prevents proper installation at a higher level of construction, therefore, for high-quality construction of high buildings it is necessary to use powerful equipment engines.


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