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Construction work is a process directly related to the preparation of cement mortar, which can also be done manually, but, as a rule, concrete mixers of various types and sizes are used for this. For private construction, for solving small tasks it is more expedient to build a concrete mixer with your own hands, rather than to purchase an expensive machine.

Mortar mixer

What are concrete mixers

Concrete mixer

Note! Concrete mixers are also referred to as concrete mixers, mixers, mortar mixers, concrete mixers, etc.

The construction process is directly related to the mixing of a large amount of mortar consisting of such components as:

  • Water;
  • Cement;
  • Fillers;
  • Specialized supplements.

In order for such building masses to have a uniform structure, it is necessary to thoroughly mix all the ingredients. Of course, you can knead, for example, in a bucket by hand or using an electric drill and a mixer, but such manufacturing will take a lot of time and effort, and the prepared solution will not have the proper level of quality.

In order to speed up the process of mixing the components of the material and used concrete mixers of different types, which allow for a few minutes to get a mixture of delicate texture.

Kinds of devices for mixing the solution

Handmade homemade device

There are several classifications of such units for various reasons:

  1. By type of solution, which should be the result:
  1. For cement concrete;
  2. For polymer cement;
  3. For keramsit;
  4. For silicate solutions;
  5. For slag mixtures;
  • According to the principle of operation of the device:
    1. Gravitational;
    2. Forced action;
    3. For the duration of the work:
      1. Continuous;
      2. Temporary action;
      3. By type of drive:
        1. Electric;
        2. Mechanical.
        3. By the volume of the solution that fits in the concrete mixing bucket.
        4. Note! For the construction of houses and garages in small areas gravitational concrete mixers of temporary action are most often used.

          What concrete mixers can be made independently

          Manufacturing process

          Let's consider the rating of concrete mixers, which are quite realistic to do with your own hands:

          1. Gravitational. Such a unit is a container shaped like a pear, inside which blades are mounted. During the rotation of this container, they lift the mixture, placed in the ladle, and sharply throw it down, thus mixing. This technique ensures the quality of the finished solution. For the manufacture of this device will not need complex, inaccessible materials and a large amount of time;
          On the photo - a blending process diagram.

          Note! The assembly of such a concrete mixer is carried out within just a few hours, and the price of this product will be several times less than the cost of the finished product in the store.

          1. Vibrating. The principle of operation of such a device is not related to the movement of the container itself, but on the contrary, the mixing is performed by a special mixer. But in order to set the mixer in motion, a large amount of electricity will be required. For the preparation of a total of 20 liters of solution, such an apparatus requires 1.3 kW of electricity, and for 200 liters, 13 kW.

          Consider several options for making concrete mixers on their own.

          The manufacture of the apparatus of the gravitational type


          This design option is suitable for construction sites devoid of electricity.

          For production you will need:

          • Corners metal 50/50 size for the construction of the frame;
          • Welding machine;
          • Iron barrel volume of 150-200 liters;
          • Blades (at least 3 pieces);
          • Metal pipe.

          Instructions for the manufacture of this device is as follows:

          1. For the manufacture of the frame two corners are welded together at the bottom;
          2. Inside the barrel containers welded blades;
          3. The barrel is placed on a metal frame from the corners;

          Council Fastening should be made as reliable as possible so that the barrel does not fall under the weight of the solution placed in it.

          1. A pipe should be welded to the bottom of the barrel, which will serve as a handle for rotating the structure;
          2. At the final stage, it is necessary to control the tightness of the structure, for which water is poured into the container. In the event of a leak, take measures to eliminate it.

          Advantages and disadvantages of gravity devices

          The advantages of units of this type include:

          • Low energy costs due to the fact that the device does not use engines with high power;
          • The ease of movement, due to the fact that almost all concrete mixers of this type are equipped with wheels that allow you to move them even to one person.

          In addition to the advantages, there are a number of disadvantages of such concrete mixers:

          • The process of preparing a liquid solution can be associated with its splashing, which can seriously damage the appearance of the territory;
          • It is rather difficult to scoop out the ready-made solution from the capacity of the device;
          • After completion of the work on the walls of the tank remains sticky solution;
          • If such a device is equipped with an engine, in most cases it is designed for 380 V, but not every owner can provide them.

          Concrete mixers of this type have a capacity from 40 to 300 liters.

          Homemade electric concrete mixer

          Appearance of the unit

          The device of the concrete mixer of this type is in many respects similar to the design of gravity, but has a number of features:

          • In the role of a container, a barrel is also used or a tub is made using steel sheets with a thickness not exceeding 1.5 mm;
          • Inside this container are the blades of the screw type;
          • A gear ring is welded to the bottom of the concrete mixer, which will be an element of the gearbox;
          • The construction of such a device is simply impossible without an engine. As it can use the unit from an old washing machine. A power of 220 W will allow the device to provide 1300 revolutions per minute, which is quite enough to create a high-quality solution.

          To assemble such a unit should be starting with the frame, which must be assembled from metal pipes and corners.

          Council There should be a pivot function of the device, which will ensure the ease of ejection of the building mass after the end of the mixing process.

          Fixing the axis of the tank can be organized in one of the following ways:

          1. It is possible to build a steering wheel from the metal corners with which the device will be tilted;
          2. To ensure the rotation can be using the design of tubes, angles and bearings.

          Making a mortar mixer from a conventional barrel is a great way to knead a quality solution without spending a large amount of money on purchasing expensive industrial equipment.

          Other savings options

          In addition to building your own concrete mixer, there are several ways to avoid buying a concrete mixer and at the same time use high-quality cement mortar.

          The first one is pretty simple. You can rent a concrete mixer, and it can be any type of device.

          Concrete delivery vehicle

          Well, the second option will allow you to eliminate all labor costs associated with the need to knead the solution, because you can simply order it. There are enterprises in which there is a concrete mixing plant. In this very workshop, according to your requirements and the conditions in which the construction is carried out, a high-quality solution will be mixed, endowed with all the necessary characteristics.

          Further, a special car - a trailer which is a huge concrete mixer, will deliver your solution to the site. The main thing in this business is to provide access so that the concrete mixer can unload the concrete solution into the formwork or where it is needed.

          Note! Ordering concrete in specialized organizations will eliminate all the risks associated with the mismatch of proportions and characteristics of the components of the concrete solution, as well as guarantee you the quality of the concrete structure.



          Starting the construction, every owner sooner or later faces the question of how to choose a concrete mixer? This choice often depends on the circumstances. For example, if there is no electricity at the site, then only mechanical devices are suitable for you.

          And if it is impossible to provide access for vehicles, then the solution should be kneaded on the spot, and not ordered from construction companies. But if there are no obstacles, then you are free to choose what type of device to purchase, rent or manufacture yourself. A video in this article will tell you even more about how different are modern concrete mixers.

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