Concrete m350 class b25 and its features. properties,

Concrete M350 was widely used in construction. It is used in the construction of monolithic foundations, floor slabs, columns, etc. In other words, it is structural concrete, which is used for the construction of structures, which account for the greatest load.

Screed filling with M350 concrete

Next, we consider the basic properties and features of this solution, as well as its manufacturing technology.

Properties and specifications

Heavy concrete class B25 M350 in modern commercial construction is the leader in popularity, as evidenced by sales data. This is due to the design requirements of buildings to which this material corresponds.

Strength indicator is grade B25. This designation says that one cubic meter of concrete can withstand a pressure of 25 MPa without compromising integrity. Of course, besides strength, other characteristics of concrete M350 are also quite attractive:

Mobility Located within P2-P4. If you use special additives, plasticizers, this figure can be increased even more.
Frost resistance F200, i.e. after two hundred cycles of freezing and thawing, the material will not lose its structural integrity and its properties.
Water resistant W8 - this indicator indicates that concrete is capable of not passing water, even if it acts on the surface under a certain pressure. Thanks to this, M350 concrete can be used for the construction of foundations, even if the groundwater level is high.
Volumetric weight of concrete M350 (density) 1800-2500 kg / m3. Most often, the density of concrete M350 is 2200-2400 kg / m3.
Strength 327 kgf / cm2.

Tip! Since the finished concrete is very hard and durable, its mechanical processing causes certain difficulties. Therefore, all operations are carried out with a diamond tool, for example, builders often perform diamond drilling of holes in concrete, as well as cutting reinforced concrete with diamond circles.

Pool fill

Application area

As a result of all the above characteristics, the scope of the material is very extensive. As mentioned above, the concrete grade M350 is primarily used in the construction of load-bearing structures. In particular, due to its high strength, it is used in the manufacture of hollow-core floor slabs.

The structure of concrete M350

In addition, the material is used when pouring road plates of airfields. Also, builders are actively using such material properties as water resistance. In particular, the M350 is used for arranging bowls of basins and other hydraulic structures.

Preparation of concrete B25


Concrete B25 consists of the following components:

  • Cement;
  • Water;
  • Crushed stone;
  • Sand;
  • Various additives (anti-freezing or plasticizing).
In the photo - rubble

It must be said that the components used to prepare the solution may differ in strength, particle size and some other parameters.

For example, as fillers can serve:

  • Coarse, medium and fine sand.
  • Crushed stone;
  • Granite or lime gravel.

Also of the features of this solution, it is possible to distinguish an increased content of cement, due to which the material hardens relatively quickly.



Composition пропорции бетона М350 на 1м3 следующий:

  • 400 kg of cement M500;
  • 752 kg of sand (free from impurities);
  • A ton of rubble or other solid filler;
  • 175l of water.

To obtain high-quality concrete, it is necessary not only to strictly comply with this M350 concrete composition per 1m3, but also to thoroughly mix all the components so that the mass is homogeneous. The fact is that a poorly mixed mass significantly reduces the strength of the material, which, of course, reduces the technical and operational characteristics of the structure.

Preparation of the solution

As mentioned above, various additives can be used to improve material properties. For example, if construction is carried out in winter, then an anti-frost additive is added to prevent the solution from freezing. In addition, it is possible to improve the strength and water resistance using plasticizers.

Instructions for preparing the solution is as follows:

  • First, dry components should be added to the mixer, i.e. cement and sand. Components must be thoroughly mixed.
  • Then water is added to the composition.. At this stage, a plasticizer or other additive may also be added to the solution.
  • After that, the required amount of gravel or crushed stone moistened in water is added to the mixer.. In this case, the solution is thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass.

It must be said that when performing construction work it is not necessary to prepare the solution with your own hands. There are companies that sell finished concrete.

Pouring mortar from a concrete mixer

Note! Concrete mortar brand M350 freezes much faster than M300. Therefore, its pouring requires professionalism and well-coordinated actions of the workers.

Of course, in this case the price of the solution will be higher, but for that you will get a qualitatively mixed mass. In addition, do not have to spend time on its manufacture. Often, these companies provide and special equipment, which simplifies the process of filling, which is convenient when performing large-scale work.

The cost of concrete M350 for a cube consists of the cost of the components used in the composition, the costs associated with its preparation and delivery, as well as the manufacturer's mark-ups. Therefore, each company has its own market value of the material. If additives are used in the composition, for example, for frost resistance, then, accordingly, the cost of the solution will be higher.

Pre-packed sand concrete

It should be noted that in the building stores you can buy sand concrete M350 in bags. In this case, the developer to obtain a sandy solution, you just need to mix the dry mixture with water in the proportion indicated on the package. Of course, the cost of such material is significantly lower than the finished solution.

Here, perhaps, are all the main features of B25 concrete that you should be aware of when choosing a brand of material for concrete work.


As we found out, concrete class B25 M350 refers to one of the most common types of concrete. However, in private construction there is not always a need for a material of such strength. Therefore, it can be replaced with M250 grade solution, which will make construction cheaper.

From the video in this article, you can get more information on this topic.

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