Concrete cutter: design features and choice

Concrete in its essence is an artificial stone, which has high strength and can have metallic inclusions in the form of reinforcement. To handle such material is quite difficult and for these purposes there are a lot of different tools. However, the most popular of these is the electric concrete cutter.

Amateur photo of the simplest tool for cutting concrete in work

Purpose and features

To begin with, it is necessary to say that this tool is fundamentally different from the usual “grinders” for cutting concrete and other circular saws. It has increased power and specific drive, which does not have a rigid coupling with the working shaft. It is also worth noting that its work requires special cutting nozzles with a certain diameter and surface shape.

The device, which involves the installation of two circles, which simplifies the manufacture of strob


First of all, it is worth mentioning that the instructions for use of this technique involves the production of cuts in concrete of strictly defined depth. At the same time, this parameter depends not only on the diameter of the wheels used, but also on the concrete model of the concrete cutter.

One of the varieties of such units in the work

Given these features, this device is used for the manufacture of technological holes or openings in interior partitions or panels. Also, it can be used to make pens.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that many devices of this type can even cut rebar. However, this requires special circles, which are not always included in the standard package.

Tip! It is not recommended to modify or use this equipment by yourself. Especially if it is associated with the removal of protective covers, since such modifications are unsafe and can lead to injury.

A tool with a gasoline unit assembled on a special frame in the form of a trolley


For a start it is worth saying that even rolling a concrete cutter is quite expensive and requires you to have your own cutting element. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire such equipment only if there are constant orders in this area of ​​construction.

Some brigades, in the presence of such a device, are engaged exclusively in work related to its functions and can provide services for drilling concrete surfaces.

Variety of circles for work on concrete
  • First of all, choosing such a technique it is necessary to pay attention to how it functions.. The fact is that there are electric and gasoline units. Therefore, making your choice you need to focus on personal preferences and technical conditions on the construction site.
  • Also, attention should be paid to the maximum diameter of the circle, which can be used on a specific model.. From this will depend on the depth of cut and ease of use.
Hand tools have a large number of functions, but they are usually equipped with small-diameter cutting wheels.
  • The question of the power of the unit in this case is not relevant. The fact is that all professional tools, to which this type belongs, have the parameters that are optimal for work.
  • It should be said that there are different models of such devices that implement their own methods of transmitting torque, which affects the design. Here the choice depends only on the personal preferences of the master, especially if you have to do the work yourself.
  • It is also important to note that there are hand tools of this type and those that are placed on frames or carts.. However, they have different technical characteristics and perform only certain works.

Tip! Professional masters recommend to pay attention to well-known brands that have established themselves as reliable manufacturers of professional equipment. Especially if they have repair and service centers in the city.

The product is assembled in the form of a trolley

Recommendations of the masters

  • When purchasing such units, it is worth taking advantage of the sellers offer of an additional guarantee, even if the final price increases. With intensive work, this will become an additional insurance that will help to avoid costs during repairs.
Using such devices, you must strictly observe the safety regulations and apply personal protective equipment.
  • When buying products of this type, you must immediately ask about the availability of consumables and their availability. It is desirable to immediately purchase additional circles and graphite brushes, if the device is electrically operated.
  • The specifications written on the package do not always correspond to reality, which means that it is worthwhile to study the device passport in detail, checking all its parameters.
Dual Saw in may be more practical, as it reduces the time for cutting


After reviewing the video in this article, you can examine such equipment in detail and familiarize yourself with its characteristics. At the same time, taking into account the article cited above, it is necessary to conclude that such a device may have several different modifications and models.

It is also worth noting that the gasoline concrete cutter has recently become increasingly used, since it has sufficient autonomy. However, electrical devices are no less practical and reliable.

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