Beautiful houses from a bar - a selection of original

Dreaming about your own country real estate? Beautiful house from a bar - the perfect option for a cozy "nest"! The unique properties of wood will fill your home with a unique atmosphere of warmth, cleanliness and comfort.

How to start building? Of course, with the choice of the original project!

Beam mansion, decorated with symmetrical cutouts on the fences of the terrace and balcony

After all, you do not need a house that someone has already built for yourself, you need a specially created for you. Therefore, within the framework of this article we decided to consider projects of beautiful houses from a bar, among which you may find the very one or at least get interesting ideas for developing individual housing.

Tips for choosing a project

Volumetric layout of log houses

Today, many specialized companies provide the opportunity to purchase a plan log house for free. Of course, these projects were once implemented by someone, but you can always order a revision, put your ideas in there, and save a lot of budget.

What is great is that the projects of beautiful wooden houses from timber (profiled or glued), both free and custom-made, include a set of all the drawings and project documentation:

  • Architectural and construction solutions. The design instruction includes the following items here: general data on the future home, floor plan, facades, window and door design specifics, location of floors, type of foundation, roofing, consumption of materials, etc.
  • Engineering sections: heating system, water supply, sewage, electrical network, lightning protection, etc.

Note! On the websites of such companies you will certainly find the model of the house of any area you are interested in - a small hut, two-story cottages or huge penthouses. And admissible changes in the project documentation and on the model will allow to build a truly exclusive estate.

Another point - the inner filling of the house, which is no less important than its architectural appearance. After all, we spend most of our lives inside our own “corner”, so a successful layout and design of living space play a significant role for our comfort and well-being.

Of course, it is not at all necessary to copy and precisely repeat the interior of a specific model project. You can think of this moment on your own or order an individual development to plan and decorate your future home.

Fortunately, the price of this service is quite acceptable. In the meantime, we offer you to look at selected photos of interiors of log houses.

Classic in all its gloryThe emphasis is on an interestingly designed fireplace. Notice that the walls and the floor are left in their natural form, which demonstrates the colorful spirit of the Russian dwelling.True modern approachBrushed BathroomLike in a dream!Union of stone and wood

Non-traditional projects of log houses

Light and bright log house - ideal for a garden

Beautiful projects of houses from a bar, perhaps, will never lose popularity, because a tree is the personification of life. But for some reason, many do not consider them, believing that they are expensive, flammable and inconspicuous in terms of configuration and design of the exterior.

However, it should be noted that modern technologies, on which models of lumber structures are implemented, make it possible to get rid of these shortcomings and even turn them into advantages. For example, all sorts of impregnation and finishing materials protect the wood from fire and moisture. (See the article on processing timber from rotting for a long time - the key to long-term operation of the building)

A variety of types of lumber (profiled, planed, glued) and wood species from which it is made, allows you to create a truly unique suburban possessions.

Therefore, let us discard the stereotype that a wooden dwelling certainly has a rectangular configuration, a double-slope roof, typical windows, doors, etc., and consider bright, non-standard, beautiful designs of houses from glued timber.

Country house 10,5х9 meters

Let's start with a simple one and get acquainted with a cozy one-story dwelling with an attic. Harmonious and proportional house, without, it would seem, special frills. But the note of originality is still present here - pleasant for the eyes and consonant with each other colors, light ornament on the wall structures, as well as non-standard windows on the attic floor.

Symphony of shades of brown + light ornamentLayout of the house in frontLayout 1st floorAttic layout

Two-storey cottage 15.29 x 17.07 meters - a game of symmetry

Symmetrical cottage with terrace

Yes, yes, it may look strange, but such a house from a bar is also possible. Specifically, in this example, a reinforced concrete foundation was used, a 150x150 bar, mineral wool plates, cladding facade cladding and a rafter roof of an atypical shape with metal tile.

3D layout - side view

The interior layout is very comfortable and functional. On the ground floor there is a garage, a vestibule, an open terrace, a hall, a stairwell, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room with a fireplace, a storage room, a laundry room and a boiler room with a separate entrance. On the second - 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a hall and a loggia.

Detailed plan of the 1st tierThe layout of the second tier

The combination of materials - brick + timber

Perhaps the most amazing projects of beautiful houses made of glued laminated timber are those that have a wavy roof and round windows. Agree, it is unusual to see a wooden dwelling in the Art Nouveau style! In this model, two materials are successfully combined: a brick for a basement and a bar for supporting structures.

Passing by such a property, the eyes will involuntarily want to explore all its subtleties.The side view shows that most of the back side of the house is made of glass.

It should be noted, the internal layout is very comfortable. First of all, look at the large glazing area in the guest room, which thanks to this is filled with useful daylight and a certain amount.

In addition to the living room on the first floor there is a kitchen, a boiler room and two living rooms. In the attic there is a spacious hall and a room with a free appointment.

So, the designers preferred to organize the area of ​​the lower floor.

For information! Another feature is your own sauna! Here at any time you can take a shower, take a steam bath or just enjoy your time in the rest room.


Two-storey mansion with a bright roof

Here we can observe the mixing of two styles - Russian traditional izba + modernism with all its inherent geometry and vivid color solutions. Despite the difference in these directions, harmony is evident.

Raspberry roofing is incredible!On the photo - the view of the estate

The simplicity and at the same time, the waywardness of the architectural appearance successfully echoes the thoughtful planning decision. According to the project, on the ground floor there is a cozy living room with a fireplace, a room for free use, a staircase, a lobby with access to the kitchen and a terrace. The latter, by the way, in the warm season can be operated as a summer dining room. (For more details, the article Projects of log houses with a mansard: how to choose the most suitable for you)

Square organization

On the upper floor there are three bedrooms, with access to a large hall. There are also bathrooms on both floors and a sauna on the second floor. Note that there is even a carport for parking!

Attic floor layout

Comfortable property in the best Russian traditions

The structure is made of precast reinforced concrete foundations, round timber bars, wooden roofs covered with bitumen tiles and frame partitions.

Shingles also contribute to the exterior of the building.

Nontrivial expressiveness of the architecture of this log house is given by a hexagonal veranda with large windows, which, according to the project, is moved beyond the main area of ​​the dwelling. A sort of dining-porch is separated from the kitchen room with a vestibule with access to a rather spacious terrace.

Detailed house plan

Four windows in the living room (first floor) provide excellent natural light. On the top floor there are three bedrooms, two of which provide access to the balconies.

Chalet style lumber house projects when comfort starts from the exterior

3D layout of an alpine style house

A chalet style home is always an alpine tale! And if it is also luxurious, like Baltoro in France in Courchevel, then love at first sight and the desire to return here again and again are guaranteed.

Non-lax interest in this area can be explained by its features:

  • The constant attribute of the chalet house is a double-slope roof with strongly protruding ledges. So a person in the head emerges an association with a solid housing that can protect against any adverse factors of the surrounding world.
The beauty and power of estates with a powerful roofAnd this magnificent house has incorporated all the traditions of chalet style

And I must say, the way it is. Speakers canopies of the roof of a house-chalet cover the foundation and walls from precipitation and form an additional weather cover around the building. A powerful sloping roof also performs some insulating function, due to the collection of snow.

New fashion trend in terms of architecture. This design is also called a chalet, but with a real alpine house there is little common
  • The direction of the chalet is the realm of wood, but its inherent solidity is achieved through the centuries-old union of wood, clay and stone. For example, in modern chalet houses, the first floor is often filled with plastered brick or masonry.
  • Interior decoration is very, very colorful! Unlimited comfort and warmth are achieved using only environmentally friendly materials, and the color scheme in most cases consists of natural shades. Harmoniously complements and completes the design of home-made furniture, wood embroidery, family relics and old photographs.
Here is what a strange kitchenAttic decorationHere is a bedroom!Even the bathroom has an identity!Long balcony

Attention! Modern interiors of a dwelling-chalet can be not only classic - and here urbanization has left its mark.

In this interior of the chalet more modern solutions can be seen.Please note that the design, although modern, is trying to withstand natural colors and the corresponding materials.
  • In our country, the chalet style is not so popular and today has no serious competitors. Think, perhaps, you will gather from it fresh and exclusive ideas for the construction of your own exclusive home!


To consider all the beautiful houses of laminated veneer lumber - one article is not enough. We introduced you only to those who seemed to us very curious. In fact, there are a huge number of such realized ideas. And how many projects have not yet been created! (See the details of the article How to create projects log houses and cottages)

Therefore, fantasize, look for new innovative solutions, and the dream of owning a one-of-a-kind house will surely come true. And in the presented video in this article you will find interesting information in addition to the above.

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